Monday, February 15, 2010

Win a Relic/Mythic Weapon?

I kind of thought that a Relic/Mythic as first prize would be the obvious Mog Bonanza prize, but Square-Enix didn't seem to agree. It seems that changed.

Here's the prize listing:The list is obviously the best one by far and has managed to make Starcade sound almost...happy.

I picked my stuff out already. I removed my POL thingy from the screenshot. Wouldn't want 1337 h4><[]35 to steal all my shit, right?The number is of no significance. I just picked random ones from the dropdown lists.

Spharai is obviously Monk's best weapon, but far from the most useful one overall. Still, it was either that or get the lolPUP Mythic which is actually really, really good, but for lolPUP, so even less useful. I don't really want to gear up PLD or BRD. And having a relic horn as Bard means Evilpaul = Bard, forever. Unless I really sucked as Bard then I guess a different job would be requested.

So with Square-Enix saying, "Pick any Relic/Mythic weapon you want (with a tiny chance of actually winning it)!"

My reply is, "Relic/Mythics don't really do much for my job(s)."

I'm such an ingrate.

The lower rank items are less interesting. Still good ones, of course. I've been eyeballing a Defending Ring for forever with Mog Bonanza, but decided to go with a Usukane body instead. Mostly because I'll sell my Scorpion Harness and Haubergeon if I had one. So that's Rank #2.

Rank #3 is actually pretty downright lame...for me at least. I don't have a Homam job leveled and Nashira is garbage (except the hands for SMN, mostly). Like I said above I'm not leveling Paladin (and lolSword-on-Dark Knight), so Hauteclaire is crap. The HQ Odin Abj. sets are kind of crappy too. So, I'm going with Seveneyes. It's good for casting spells that don't need the elemental staves. That's the most useful thing I can get from Rank #3.

Got Kupons?

I see the "???" listed for Rank #4 and #5 to be announced at Vanafest. These are Kupons. How do I know? Well, they're sending prizes by Delivery Box, for God knows what reason, so it has to be a single item you trade in to a Moogle for whatever reward.

You read it here first, folks!


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