Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ringthree points out that the Vanafest Site got updated since most people probably stopped checking it. If you read Elmerthepointy's coverage of Vanafest then you already knew most of the stuff, but it's still nice seeing it in print officially from SE.

What stuck out to me though was the mention of Paladins.It's certainly one of the least interesting job blurbs in itself. "We're maybe going to do something with the Cover JA." Exciting.

What I find interesting about it is the difference between Cover in FFXI and Cover in FINAL FANTASY II (aka FF4). Sure the whole Cecil taking up the Dark Sword for the King of Baron and later putting it down and turning to the light was kind of cool. Even if in retrospect FF4 was poorly translated, had a ridiculous plot, and was overflowing with preposterous melodrama. It was still a blast to play.

But was there any actual use for the Cover ability Cecil got? Not as far as I could tell. That's different in FFXI. Cover is great. Unfortunately, it gets little use in parties and I've never seen it used tactically at an endgame event. Paladins are the game's brickwall and Cover lets them put a brickwall between a mob and a party member. While leveling Ranger on Colibri it's an ability that I very much appreciate when there's a Paladin who will actually use it.

Will an update change that? I'd like to think so, but then again maybe not.

Unrelated UPDATE: She beat me to it! I was going to post about Cerberus a few days back, but forgot to. Sweet tapdancing crystal dragon Jesus does Cerberus have some stupid fucking /shouts in Whitegate. I had two people on my /blist from Hades for some reason that I don't remember. I now have two people on Cerberus for the same thing.

On Hades we'd always have one dude who was shouting to make a pickup group for things you probably should have experience and cohesion as well as the usual Nyzul Isle and Jade Sepulcher ISNMs. On Cerberus there's never anything FFXI related being shouted. Instead its painfully fucktarded random "facts" and other people shouting having a painfully fucktarded conversation about them. It's an extra special form of fucktarded because half the "facts" aren't even fucking corrent. Fuck. Fuck. Hate. Fuck.

Now I have to excuse myself. I'm going to go look for some Spring flowers to stomp on or something. Hate.


  1. Hahahahahahaha.

    Thank you for that. Yes, it's definitely a whole new level of tard in Whitegate.

    I do miss those Erdrick shouts. He was always trying to get people to do the most difficult or challenging things in game. We need more people like him around.

  2. I just have to say...

    That 'fact' spouting character isn't a Cerb. native - Whitegate used to be fairly quiet.

    That's it >.>

  3. yeh, I know who the shouter is (I dont know them personally tho) and theyre a Hades original :P Most of the Cerb people seem to be saying Whitegate was quiet before we got there

    that said, I like the shouting. At least it give me something to read when nowt else is going on

  4. Ha, I remember Erdrick. We did Nyzul Isle with him 'ONCE ONRY', and had a everyone touch the lamp floor. He refused to touch the damn lamp, saying he didn't have to, and we ended up timing out on that floor. EP, just filter the shouts, unless you want to join one of the groups shouting. Personally I enjoy whispering sweet nothings...