Sunday, March 28, 2010

Going back to the PC...again.

So about a week or two ago I decided to get an Xbox360 controller and play on my PC. Sure, my PC was sad, but you could run FFXI on an x86 compatible cellphone probably. And then the night Hades died it took my motherboard with it.

Thankfully, I bummed my brother's old CPU/RAM/Mobo and now have a pretty decent gaming rig. Nothing amazing, but here she is:And of course, the new videocard and controller.You can get a beast of a videocard for $100 nowadays. And its nowhere near the high-end either.

So, I get to re-write my PC's macros for the third time. I really need to look up how to save them server side or at least back them up this time locally. (Anybody have a link handy?)

I'll do that after FFXI finishes reinstalling and updating. (Yay...) On the plus side I'll have screenshots in my posts again.

Update: UGH.

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  1. Paul, good job on updating your computer! I am happy for you, although, it's a pity that upgrading PC hardware doesn't make FFxi look any better. Still grainy, discolored, and lazy graphics full of jaggies can still stab someone's eyes. How do I contact you outside of your pie blog?