Monday, March 22, 2010


I get up and go to look and see what the Version Update has brought. I'm surprised to find that my PC no longer boots up. As soon as Windows gets to any sort of GUI type thing rather than the lovely BIOS looking stuff my display shuts off and my IDE light lights up.

This happens booting off the Win7 installation disc and a Windows XP PE (preinstallation enviro) disc, so its definitely a hardware problem. It also happens with two videocards, so it's not the videocard. I'd try firing up a Linux LiveCD, but I kind of get the feeling that won't start up either. I really felt like fucking around with my PC today.

Seriously, it's like, "Hey, something good is going to happen today! It's going to be great!" And, no, it wasn't the Version Update, it was real life personal stuff. So I'm immediately met with a kick to the nuts of, "Hey! Fuck you! Your PC is fucking dead!" and I get to deal with this horseshit.

The Version Update

Reading the release notes I've got to say I'm disappointed. I personally don't care about SMN or BST, so adding shit to those jobs doesn't do anything for me.

Of course I don't know what people are finding in the .DATs or what types of things the Trials of the Magians will yield. So, it could turn out to be pretty awesome still.

PUP changes could be good too. SE decided to give B+ skill rather than A skill though, so I'm going to complain about that. Like the ~4 skill points would have been fucking gamebreaking. There's some unexplained changes to several attachments which could be good. ( Armor Plate / Armor Plate II / Auto-Repair Kit / Auto-Repair Kit II / Mana Tank / Mana Tank II )If they changed Armor Plate to be a percentage damage reduction and improved automaton's defense to 350-500 range (Stormwaker-Valoredge) the problem of a dead automaton and 15 minutes on Activate might be greatly diminished. Hopefully, Mana Tank and similar attachments will either scale with level or restore percentages of MP/HP too.


Overall, I think I'm more or less just still looking forward to the June Update. I'd go read BG and see what people are .DAT mining, but my fucking PC is dead, so I'm going to go try and get it ressurected instead.

Update: Thunderstorms now.


Maybe the PSU in my PC is half-blown. Or maybe the power could do out. I'd love to sit in the dark and do nothing today.

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