Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magian Weapons...

I've been thinking about it, and I think I'm going to upgrade one of the Trial of the Magian weapons. It's ridiculously grindy, but there's several that look very enticing.

But, which one?

Not a mage one, obviously. Square-Enix isn't capable of outdoing the elemental staves and I don't melee shit as a mage when I could be doing it as a Black Belt Monk instead. I could do one for Monk and Puppetmaster as Squeenix was nice enough (or too lazy, take your pick) to put both jobs on the H2H weapons. Or I could go with Ninja. There's several interesting Katanas to upgrade.

The H2H Option

For Hand-to-Hand there's several flavors of weapons. There's the Pet:Something ones. Obviously, this is only useful for PUP. MNK/BST isn't a popular job combo for good reason. There's the DMG+~18 with an Added Effect:Something+10. And then there's the decent DMG rating Occasionally Attacks Twice knuckles. Faith Baghs without needing Virtue Stones and better WS pretty much.

Some pics courtesy of the Wiki:Unfortunately, all three have Quests that suck ass. Kill a mob during weather that is rare where you can find them, kill a particularly annoying/dangerous type of mob, or get some drops from Tier III Voidwalker NMs. Not fun. Which is why I'm leaning towards...

The Katana Option

There's a couple nice Katanas. Notably, a high base DMG Occ. Atks. Twice one. Here's the final stats on the ones I like:
DMG:21 Delay:242 Occasionally Attacks Twice
DMG:36 Delay:201 DEX+4 ACC+8
I think offhanding the first and mainhanding the second would be pretty nice. The first has grindy Quests, but they're doable. The second has lots of the weather kills bullshit.

The multi-hit Katana is really tempting. Combined with Innin NIN might do some respectable damage. How useful that'll actually be, I'm not sure though. Thoughts?


  1. I'm up in the air about this. The weapons seem ok and all, but outside of what appears to be a slight damage increase and some attack twice additions, I've yet to see anything worth trashing my joyeuse or soboro over.

    Now that I'm actually putting effort into leveling Dancer, maybe I can try for one of those daggers. If you do start one of those trials, let me know and I'll try to help out.

  2. To what Jacinda said. The Occasionally attacks twice great katana is a LOT better than the soboro. :X Soboro has very poor DMG compared to it. The only reason you'd prolly want a soboro over it is because of the 3rd hit, but that just feeds tp with shitty damage. The radennotachi is pretty good too. I'm on the last stage of that one.