Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MNK/DNC solos Byakko!

With the news of the level cap being raised to 99 it got me wondering about what crazy, as things are now, stuff we'll see being done in a few months from now because it's no longer difficult. There's things that I can't see being changed like the caps on Accuracy, Haste, Physical/Magic Damage Reduction, Magic Resist rates, etc.

Then there's others where changes are probably going to have to be made. People have pretty well figured out how Enmity and the "hate cap" works and been exploiting it to their advantage for several years now. I can't picture that scaling all the way to level 99. Higher HP, more powerful elemental spells, new JAs (maybe PLDs or WARs finally get Enrage?)...it's just not going to work.

So what will we be seeing in a few months from now? Most currently formidable things to a single adventurer like sky gods will probably be soloable, given an hour or two, by PLD/RDMs. Maybe NIN/RDM, THF/NIN, MNK/DNC, SAM/DNC, etc, too depending. Will the local has everything Aegis+Excalibur PLDs be in city Dynamis soloing to fund further relics? It's funny to imagine, but I think it's quite possible.

I, for one, am quite eager for the first time in a long while to see what happens. I guess we'll probably have to wait a month to get any more details out of Square-Enix though. /sigh

On a side note: I think I should probably level my Red Mage and White Mage subs to 49. Anyone want to form a 5xRDM+BRD Enspell burn party? I think the idea is fucking hilarious and I really don't want to solo Fields of Valor to 49 on a bunch of jobs. Then again, if I do pre-level subs to 49 I bet SE will come out and say "any level 37 sub will stay auto-capped for players above level 75" or something so it was a waste. LOL.


  1. I don't think the 99 cap will be what you think. If anything, I bet the 99 cap will be Abyssea onry. How could they let you run around Vana'diel as 99? Impossible, the game won't support it.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines. You can probably go up to 99 in the new areas (Abyssea and/or Walk of Echoes) but all of the other regular zones will be capped @75.

    And I think this for the exact reason you put as your title. If they let us go to 99, people are gonna be soloing all kinda of NMs left-and-right. Since I spent a ton of time up in {sky}, my first thought went to "wow. people are gonna be doin Kirin burns with a single PARTY now..."

    Hope they uncap Salvage though. That'll make things HELLA easier in there if we can have an extra 24 levels of stat/skill/HP/MP advantage. lol