Thursday, March 11, 2010

Multiple Sets of "AF3"?

I'm curious about this whole Abyssea thing. They're adding it in three steps and increasing the level cap each time. They're also adding a new set of Relic Armor from it, "AF3." And if I understand it correctly the Magian quests will add some sort of new Relic/Mythic level weapons.

Will we get the full sets of AF3 in the June update? I'm thinking we will. I'm also betting that they're going to be "socketable." You get your new Lich's Petasos (Wizard's -> Sorcerer's -> ???) from the first Abyssea and it's got some base stats and whatnot on it, and everyone wants one. The next Abyssea area will have something like -1 hats or perhaps something like Evoliths that adds further bonuses to it.

Also, if you haven't yet check out the latest episode of Pet Food Alpha. They discuss all the Vanafest 2010 news and clarify a lot of the info that's come out. I'm listening now.

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