Friday, March 5, 2010

A rival LS attempts to hack me!!!

Well, not really.

I mean for one thing other than Dynamis Epic/NeedsMoarRelics and |DaFunk| don't even do the same events. So, there's not much rivalry there. But I did get this rather funny, Engrishy, private message to my user account on |DaFunk|'s forum (from a spambot not from somebody in DF).For the uninitiated, "Security Tool" is some malware that does things like create fake blue screens of death (in the wrong resolution, color depth, and refresh's embarrassingly stupid), auto-closes Task Manager, and generally fucks up your PC. I removed it from my parent's computer a few days ago, and thought it was funny to see its creators have forum crawling spambots.

Should you find your own PC infected, check out this Youtube video which shows how to remove it. And don't type in and visit the URL in that screenshot, obviously.

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  1. I've actually had a couple such situations with a bulletin board I haven't posted to in about two years or so.