Sunday, March 7, 2010

Square-Enix really needs to multi-source some items.... (Also, the Octave Club)

Things like not-75 BCNMs that are the sole source of Refresh people aren't doing much anymore, so I've been waiting two days to snag myself a Refresh scroll to be able to continue leveling Red Mage to 49. I could try to put together a BCNM40 run myself, but people seem to be "Kraken Club onry" and only spam that shitty BCNM60. (I even checked to see if anyone reported getting a Refresh scroll from the keys from the addon scenarios, but alas none have been reported.)

Besides level capped BCNMs there's also things that only come from the Ashu Talif Assault missions. The PUP Automaton attachments I don't have are almost entirely from that BCNM. They're all in the 1,000,000 gil price range and super rare. Several are really useful too. (Haste+%, Magic Acc+X(or+%?), less overloads, etc.) There's Rare/Ex Haste+3% pants from it too that are quite nice for the jobs left off Byakko's/Homam.

Stuff like this Square-Enix should really address as the game is getting older.

Octave Club

When the level cap is 80 for three or four months the Octave Club is going to be on par with the Kraken. Levels 88 and 96 too, but those aren't final caps. Just something random I thought of and wanted to mention. (I don't have either club or a desire to camp them/spam that BCNM.)


  1. True story: I got my scroll of Refresh off of Taisaijin.

    It's currently sitting on my mule, waiting to be eaten.

  2. I've checked to see if it was up at least ten times now. /sigh

  3. Seral and I would like to do Under Observation. We can go on at least one, and up to three runs. We do the three blm method and we've had several people screw it up so Seral will only go with someone he knows.

    Refresh drops on most runs from what we've seen, but we NPC it as AH sells for less then what we get. If we go and you don't get the drop, you could have one of ours, of course.

  4. I'm embarrassed to say but I'm missing Stonega II, which I think is the crux of the BLM method, so I probably can't do it.

    It was one of those spells that was really expensive and not very useful spells four or five years ago when I leveled Black Mage in the Skillchain+Magic Burst parties of yore. I think I'm missing Tornado or something too. It was my first job and I didn't have any crafts leveled or good money making methods yet.

    If you guys do a run and get a Refresh scroll I'll give you 30k for it. It would really help me out.

  5. Finally!!!

    I spent the evening AH camping on my mule and then switching to my main to see if Taisaijai popped.

    I logged back in to check on it again and some asshat killed all the $@#%&ing placeholders.

    Now thoroughly annoyed I go back to the mule and spam White Magic scrolls listing on the AH for an hour and one pops! Yay!!!