Saturday, March 6, 2010

Subjob Leveling...

With the June Version Update the level cap is being raised to 80. So, I'm getting some subjob leveling out of the way now so I can work on mains later. I started with Red Mage. It's useful for both Black Mage and Scholar as a subjob and being able to Convert will be pretty awesome.

I have run into one problem though: I can't find a damned Refresh scroll. They're only 6k gil, but there's only one up on the AH at a time it seems and always snatched up immediately. It's like trying to get Raise II and Reraise II scrolls from when I leveled Scholar all over again. I'm not such a huge jackass that I'd join a post-41 party and not have Refresh, so that means I'd have to suffer through more 37 capped East Ronfaure [S] EXP. Or solo. With a Shield, Phalanx, and Stoneskin I do a pretty good brickwall impression, but good god is it slow. Kind of like Dancer. They can't kill me, but I can't kill the mob quickly either. Ugh.

Aside from that annoying setback, there's not much else I need to level before June. My /WAR will be gimped at 80 as it's only 37, but /WAR doesn't really get anything new at 40. I also rarely get to /WAR as Monk and I don't do much as Ninja that I'd be better /WAR than /DNC or /DRK. Speaking of /DRK it's in the same boat as /WAR. I don't use it much and it gets nothing of interest at level 40. Some new Absorb spells and Bio II...both of which suck subbed. I could not bother with either and I don't think anyone would notice or care.

Dancer as a subjob does get some new goodies at 40, the Reverse Flourish and Stutter Step. Stutter Step is pretty useless as it lowers magic evasion. Reverse Flourish gives you TP back in exchange for Finishing Moves. Better than not having it, I guess. Not that amazing or potentially interesting as things that will become available with a higher level cap (Haste Samba).

Subbed White Mage I get the feeling is going to be one of those jobs which has it's subbed JAs restricted. I can't see Square-Enix giving fully powered Aflatus JAs. It's mostly interesting because it gives subbed Haste. Being able to AoE Haste as Scholar could be quite useful. No Magic Atk. Bonus trait of course means that it'll tip Scholar fully into a healer/buffer role to have Haste available.

Anyone else started leveling subjobs?

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