Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There's no pie on Cerberus.

Or so some former Hades people I recognized in Whitegate informed me. ;-)

I still have very little idea on what the Version Update added. My PC is dead, so I'm typing this on the painfully slow family computer. If you read my "PC Woes" post you know that my PC was a piece of crap, so to regard this one as "slow" means it's pretty horrid.

I did go to see the Magian Moogle. You know, the pile of players standing around the NPC who isn't Maat in Ru'Lude Gardens. I have to say holy fuck the NPC dialog is slow.

First I checked on the Katanas. You know, since I play Ninja like twice a year. The first few challenges end up with a crappier than Fudo weapon. The end result gets you a 43 DMG Katana. Would +7 DMG be better to mainhand than a Senjuinrikio with 36 DMG and Crit+6%? I'm thinking probably, but I'll go see what the mathy folks are saying on job forums before considering a leap to get one.

Next, I looked at Hand-to-Hand for Monk/PUP (which now has 279 H2H skill post update) and good lord! A DMG+17, Delay+75, Ocassionally Attacks Twice H2H weapon!!! If it's like Joyeuse or the Jailer Weapons that's fucking insane. It'll be awesome for /DNC, do great DoT, not need Virtue Stones, and I can use it on PUP too! Hopefully, it won't suck too much to obtain.

Puppetmaster Updates!

I logged off in Whitegate on my PUP in anticipation of the update and to see what the changes to it are.

Using an Animator +1 from Einherjar (if that matters, I tossed the old one) I now get +6 STAT bonuses from each Maneuver. It's +12 with two and presumably +18 with three. +18 INT will be pretty awesome for the Soulreaver BLM puppet.

The Mana Tank II that used to give 2 MP/tick Refresh with a Dark Maneuver up with +1 for each additional maneuver is now giving 5 MP/tick. I don't remember if I tried putting up three to test, but that's a really nice boost. The Auto-Repair Kit II is providing a 6 HP/tick healing. Also extremely nice. I didn't get to see what Armor Plate II did as I was PUP/WAR tanking spiders/colibri outside Whitegate.

Stringing Pummel is now officially awesome. With Berserk and no food it did a little over 1200 on a spider. I didn't notice an increase in melee speed (or decrease in TP/hit), so I don't think SE gave PUP higher level Martial Arts traits.


I've seen a few shouts, but haven't bothered reading up on these guys yet. There's a Torque which I think is from Odin which provides in addition to other things Elemental Magic skill +7. So if I get one I could be one of the many people probably flooding the torque market to death. Now would probably be the best time to do the fights as well since lots of people are interested. Hmm.


  1. Always using machines that are outdated and rarely provide you with 50% efficiency eh evilpaul? Just like the Overheating PS2, dustball of a tower pc, and that 1983 mac style monitor you still use. How have you been? Not sure who this may be? Hint: We would mpk EB on the drop of a dime, and we lol'd at cure5's for 0 hp restore.

  2. Yo Petro! Yeah, I'm broke and unemployed so I've got remarkably crappy and outdated stuff. When I find a job I'll definitely be doing some serious upgrading.

    I've got my personal PC up and running again with my brother's old motherboard/CPU/RAM. The PS2 actually works pretty well now that I dissected it and dusted it out.

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  4. A winner is you! HA, no worries man, I went back to grad school last year, finished, and still jobless. This economy is the worst! You should email me sometime or AIM. We could remember the good and bad times haha.