Saturday, March 13, 2010

WAR/WHM using a Sword & Shield

in Valkurm Dunes. Anyone else remember that?

Subjob Leveling

I've been working on subjobs lately for the expansion. I've got Red Mage (with Refresh!) @2,000 to 43. My Corsair I've got @63 to 38. And I'm really noticing how tedious subjob leveling solo can be.

As RDM/BLM I was soloing by the entrance to Sea Serpent Grotto. With Signet up (and three Evasion merits) Red Mage has pretty good evasion versus EP-DC mobs. Not great, but you'll get missed frequently. So I'm about to go kill a mob and I buff: Refresh -> Stoneskin -> Phalanx -> Blaze Spikes -> Enthunder. A minute later, I go and engage. Two minutes of slashing and slowly killing the mob and my Stoneskin breaks. I recast it. Two more minutes and I finally kill the DC Makara I was fighting.


And I didn't even mention the Slow -> Blind -> Paralyze I cast.

As COR/DNC I didn't have any spells to cast, but it was Job Ability intensive. Drain Samba, COR roll, DRK roll, Double Up, etc. I used the Buccaneer's Sword I got from a chest in Yuhtunga Jungle and I broke out my stored NQ Noct set.

What ties the two together is that what makes a job a good subjob (except Ninja), is that it provides lots of useful abilities and/or spells. Because of that when you're playing it as a mainjob there's TONS of stuff to do. Ugh. I think I'm going to suck it up and just LFP on RDM, WHM, BRD, and COR. And I'm going to refuse to pull on the last two. Why? Because fuck everyone else. I got stuck pulling as Ranger when we had Bards and Corsairs, so screw it.

That only leaves Warrior to level which doesn't have much to do except hack things to pieces soloing.

Name Stealin'

Over on BG when the World Merge was announced people almost immediately made new linkshells and mules with the names of prominent HNMLS people from the Source Worlds. Which I have to admit is pretty funny in a childish shitheady kind of way. Square-Enix apparently noticed and decided to nix that. Or they need to keep the number of characters on the Worlds static for some technical reason. But I'm thinking it's the former rather than the latter. doesn't show anyone snagged up Cerberus.Evilpaul, so hopefully I'll be able to keep my current name. If not, I've got ideas for alternatives. I'm not particularly worried though, because a) Who the fuck is Evilpaul? and b) I don't camp Fafnir, so who the fuck is Evilpaul?

Square-Enix Accounts...

Since signing up for that Nomad Moogle Bonanza I've had to enter my Square-Enix Account password to log in. (If there's a way around that I wasn't able to find it and figure it out.) It's not really that big a deal though, but it did finally wear me down: I bought a Security Token. It arrived yesterday, so I've now got 70 extra inventory space on my character (and I assume my mule, but I haven't logged on to that character in a few days).

I have to say that's proved immediately useful. I'm carrying my subjob leveling stuff in it along with my Ranger gear. I keep my Mog House organized with my melee job stuff in my Mog Safe (MNK, PUP), my mage job stuff in my Mog Locker (BLM, SCH), and my mostly not used jobs stuff in my Mog House Storage (SMN, NIN).

How sad is it that Puppetmaster is more useful than Ninja? Anyway...

So that's pretty much what I've been up to lately. There was also some Sea Farming (we got a bunch of Ix'DRK capes) and Dynamis-Qufim (cleared it, got a few nice drops), but that's about it.



  1. Congrats on the Mog Satchel. Talk about making things 10 times easier.

  2. Have you tried Ice Spikes for soloing on Red Mage? It's less damage, but the paralyze effect from it is pretty potent.

  3. @Brian,
    You know you want to come back (to Cerberus)! ;)

    It's much more useful than I'd expected. The security token is also about half the size I'd expected.

    I was using Ice Spikes on the Makara because they were hitting harder than the Sahagin in the area and it kept Para on them pretty well. For the Sahagin (particularly Monks) I used Blaze Spikes+Phalanx and didn't even slow them because they killed themselves on it so badly.