Saturday, March 27, 2010

What the #@&% at Campaign, Square-Enix?

I spend fucking hours doing this shit to get my two squiggly thing fucking Medal back.

I spend even more fucking hours the next day doing this same boring fucking horseshit. With barely any fucking zones I can even do Campaign in since hammering on Fortifications is completely fucking pointless, mind you.

I finally get the evaluation whore to say the Campaign fucking council cocksuckers are pleased with my tolerance for mindnumbing fucking boredom.

And I cast Retrace on myself to go get my shiny new three squiggly medal. And I find out my medal expired AND THE CAMPAIGN COUNCIL COCKSUCKERS ARE NO LONGER FUCKING PLEASED WITH ME!?!

What in the flying fuck is this retarded fucking horseshit, Square-Enix? If I ever bother to do Campaign AGAIN (I have zero fucking reason to) and get the top fucking medal AGAIN will I have to keep doing this cocksucking fucking nonsense to keep the pointless fucking thing? Inquiring minds would love to fucking know.


  1. The magic 8-ball says yes.

    I had my medal and then let it sit for awhile. Sure enough, it expired and I got demoted. Seems pretty silly that you get to the top and then have to run out and keep campaigning just to maintain rank. There's really no motivation to.

    If we lost our main city, then I could understand the demotion, but otherwise, why bother?

  2. I don't get it myself. Our battles on Cerberus are so short and pointless now with so many people, it's easy to walk away with 10exp. And we have control of the whole freakin' world. No wonder I've lost 2 medals lately, after trying to maintain the highest one in the first place.