Thursday, April 1, 2010

It begins... (Magian Thing)

I started doing the Magian Quest tonight. On the latest episode of Pet Food Alpha Fusionx talked quite a bit about how strange it was that the Magian Quests are actually encouraging working together in FFXI. Groups of people can make Alliances and kill pathetically weak NMs that you need to kill multiple times per trial. Working together with total strangers camping Notorious Monsters...bizzarre, right?I decided to go for a lowish DMG multi-hit Katana. An Unji is 31 DMG. The end result Katana will be 21 DMG. With a ~50% Double Attack rate that would come out to be similar DPS I think and result in faster TP gain and more weaponskills.

I guess I could get to the stage where you need to get the 10 VNM drops and wait a few months until HNM shells are selling them and go for a higher DMG multi-hit Katana. Fishing+Cooking to make gil to pay for the items would beat the hell out of killing 1,400 mobs. Meh. I'll see how long it takes to get to that point and decide then.

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