Sunday, April 11, 2010

Magians, Xarc [S], and Sea! Also, Merits?

I finished the first stage of my attacks twice Katana with crappy base DMG. I haven't been able to bring myself to camp Lumbering Lambert yet though.

So...I started making a DMG+19 Delay+61 AddEff:Impairs Evasion+10 Hand-to-Hand weapon. Stage One has me killing 100 Skeletons in a pit in Uleguerrand Range with Ice weather. It turns out that this is a lot more boring than it sounds and it sounds really goddamned boring. I had 15/100 done when I logged for the night. I'll try to finish it tomorrow. The lowered evasion doesn't seem totally awesome, but helping to cap everyone meleeing a mob's accuracy is pretty awesome.

Xarcabard [S]?

I hadn't actually ever bothered going to Xarc [S] before. So, for I have no idea what reason, Shenel from EpicLS and I went there this afternoon. We also made it inside Castle Zhaval (I'm not looking up how to actually spell it) [S]. Saying the place (both of them) is a deathtrap is understating it. The Hero always seems to get out of deathtraps somehow. That place is just completely retarded. It's like being locked in a closet with a 6'7" retarded kid who has a nail bat and thinks you're a pinata. True Sight mobs everywhere and as near as I can tell nothing there and no reason to go there.

The death from above Amphitere (not looking this up, either) dragon things really look like they shouldn't be flying. Their animations are spastic and odd. Their wings and body in general just If they spend their days dropping from the sky eating people you'd kind of think they wouldn't look like they really needed to eat a fucking hamburger.

I was kind of surprised to see there's Level Sync'd people apparently XPing off of the Cointeach floating skull things. I mean I remember back in the day going to KRT as Black Mage and having a Bard pull a Skeleton and everyone nuking the hell out of it, but we had a fun little Strange Apparatus thingy to go hide out next to. These guys are all standing on each other in a cranny with VT Gigas, Demons, some Red black dragon NM, and Gargoyles everywhere. And those anorexic dragons up above them. That's pretty crazy.

So, yeah. Northlands [S] are all opened up and I can't think of any reason to go there.


We spent a few hours on Friday running around Sea trying to pop Jailer of Vase. It was like four hours and we didn't fight anything that yielded 60+ EXP or items you can't get in South Gustaberg. Sea on Cerberus is stupid overcrowded.



Settle a bet...what should I merit? I've got them listed on my sidebar thingy. I ask because I've got 9/10 merits and am about 5k EXP from a 10th one.

I could do PUP merits and PUP gets some great merits, but where do I get asked to come PUP?

I could do NIN merits. Subtle Blow +5 is OK for soloing. Capping Ninja Tool Expertise would save me a little bit of gil on tools as NIN main. But, again, not much demand for NIN main.

I could do SMN merits. But lolSMN. Seriously, I haven't even been a Summoner for a moment since doing a kited Kirin fight (PUP might be better for that?) like 18 months ago. Avatar's Favor? Never saw it in person until Sisen, the EpicLS person formerly known as Epic, used it in Sea last night. (I really do need to do those new avatar fights though. Some nice items from them. :-p)

I'm personally leaning towards PUP merits. I don't use Spiritreaver as I've got BLM and SCH fully merited and pretty well geared (Novio, etc), but with the H2H skill boost and possible boons with the increased level cap, who knows? Subtle Blow+5 could make crazy solos as NIN easier too, but how much difference would it really make? Besides, I don't have Ventriloquy yet and that looks to be pretty handy.

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