Monday, May 31, 2010

Does Fields of Valor hurt partying?

I've been working on leveling subjobs to 49 for the coming Version Updates and level 99 and it got me thinking about Fields of Valor's effect on EXP partying. I know with the game old and dying and whatnot that parties can be difficult to come by. But I'm wondering if doing Fields of Valor reduces that further?

If I was out soloing pre-FoV and I got a /tell about a party, unless it sounded completely retarded, I'd drop what I was doing to go join it. Now I'll think, "If I go, then I miss out on 880 EXP if I solo six more mobs... Also, this party will probably end up being retarded."

Meh. I guess I'm selfish and cynical.

Also, Red Mage 49!
I finally hit 49 on my Red Mage! It's one of the two "high priority" subs. It was sort of like when I leveled Dancer to 37: It's impossible to kill, but kills things slow as shit. Also, Phalanx ia awesome.That, and Monk mobs don't hit very hard.I ended up getting about 30k worth of crap in ~5 levels.

I also got two hilariously worthless Evoliths:Who let the guy who designed Evoliths drink printer toner when he was working?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Your level 49 "subjob" 50 for AF?

Perhaps there's a gas leak in here, as I haven't even gotten any job to 49 that wasn't already, but is anyone else thinking of dinging 50 on a job they aren't going to take to 75 to do the AF1 Quests? There's several that while of course are kind of a pain in the ass are really interesting, funny, or otherwise engaging.

I guess I'll give a quick rundown of the jobs I've done AF on for people who're leveling them as subs.

Black Mage AF1 involves all the Windy Walls Tarutaru NPCs who've got houses there. Shantotto, Koru-Moru (sp?), that guy who likes Mandragora crap for some reason, etc. And it's a really goddamned funny quest line. Waiting for weather in Crawler's Nest to get Starfruit Seeds off an Elemental is kind of annoying though. It's up there with the Warp II quest line with things every FFXI player should experience in my opinion.

Scholar AF1 gives some backstory on the Crystal War (as you'd sort of expect), you learn about who this "Shultz" guy is that has EXP scrolls in Iceland Dynamis, and several other things I won't spoil. (The cutscenes are WotG quality too.)

Summoner AF1 expands the backstory of that Tarutaru who summoned Fenrir during the Crystal War and then vanished. If you're interested in the avatars, but haven't taken Summoner to 75 (probably in an Astral Burn party), it might be worth checking out.

Ninja AF1 will probably only really interest players from Bastok as it centers around Kaede (or however her name is spelled) and the Tenshodo mostly.

Monk's & PUP's AF1 quests were unremarkable. PUP's requires trading items to an NPC who "crafts" the pieces, so it'll run you a decent amount of Gil. Both also generally suck as subjobs, so I doubt many people took them to 37 for that purpose. Much less 49.

So is anybody else thinking of tackling some subjob AF quests? I was thinking of doing DNC's personally. I'm not taking it to 75 (or 99), but I bet the CSes are pretty and interesting.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

GeForce v.256 Beta Drivers + FFXI = *BOOM*

The title is somewhat suggestive of the point I'm going to make here.

If you're using Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) then you'll probably want to wait for the final version before upgrading from the 197 drivers to the 256 version (if you plan to at all). POL would work, but once FFXI started and switched to the 3D pre-character Login screen it crashes. Other 3D applications (several emulators; Mass Effect) seemed to work fine.

Should you wish to test fate/bork your FFXI experience, Anandtech has links to Nvidia's beta driver page here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

w00t: Medal of Altana! Also, more subjobs.

I have been trying to get the final Campaign Medal for a while now. It's hard because Campaign is fucking retarded.

I warp to an area and the battle ends.

I go to another area and the battle ends.

I go to a third, get Allied Tags. I try to get a 30-note RR scroll, and get kicked out by a healer NPC casting Protect III on me. ("Event skipped", my shiny metal ass.) I try again and get one, use it, try to get signed up for Adder Union so I can lose lot on everything, get kicked out by Shell III from a not at all annoying healer NPC. I finally sign up for the Union, find a mob to fight, hit it twice, the battle ends, and I get 150 EXP/AN.
If you were wondering what he does when not reviewing things.

(I won't complain about the times I get disconnected by the cocksuckers at Comcast after 30+ minutes in a battle so I get jack shit for it.)

And this happens over and over and over and over for two hours until its time for an LS event or I log off/AFK and go do something that's fun and/or not painfully boring.

But it finally paid off:Now I just need to figure out how to go back in time to last week when Sandy controlled the Throne Room and do Fiat Lux. Or not since it doesn't really drop anything I'm interested in anyway.

Well, maybe this:But that's pretty far into "meh" territory. It would probably be the same/worse as a Prism Cape for my BLM on not particularly resistant targets. For my Scholar it would probably be slight better for nukes, but worse for Helices (which I mostly don't use anyway) on not particularly resistant targets.

Red Mage to 49....Ugh.

I've also been working on my Red Mage subjob some more. Almost to 44 now from this:Beauc [S] has a very easy to get to and relatively safe path to the Fortification. Either bombing it when mobs aren't present or "gathering intel" when they are nets me ~400-450 EXP.

The rest is from soloing BST mob's pets.I should probably go RDM/NIN and get a decent set of INT gear and nuke them down. Being a Red Mage with Enfeebling Merits means I should be able to Sleep/Bind/whatever the BST mob if I link it by accident. (Something that BLM/NINs often end up dying as a result of.)

Or just LFP and spam Cure III to 49 in Ronfaure [S]. But goddamn is that boring.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic Stuff I Want (Dreams :-P)

Some stuff I'd like to see added.

Black Mage

Screw Meteor. It's going to suck and if you doubt that you're deluding yourself.

Something that would be cool, but also probably of limited use: Return Magic. A mob nukes you, you instant-cast it back if you pop this JA before being nuked w/o consuming MP. It's of limited use because lots of things cast elements they're strong against/healed by.


Also, magic related: "Chi Drain." This JA would work sort of like Third Eye used to pre-Seigan. Pop the JA. If you take elemental magic damage in the next few seconds there's a chance you'll gain a Regen effect for ten ticks (similar to Mana Converter for a PUP's Automaton) that heals for the amount of damage the nuke would do.

Stuff like Terraflare or whatever wouldn't count. The chance to absorb it as a Regen would be lower with higher tier Elemental Magic. Tier 1s almost always. Tier 3 -gas maybe ~40% of the time.

So, yeah.

Gimme, Square-Enix!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Limbus! Also, did you hear CoP areas will suck slightly less? (Swift Belts, Bahumat R3s, and Promy Maps, Oh my!?)

I logged on just in time to go on a Limbus run yesterday. I was in a hurry and forgot to get Soap! >.< Except, not really. I guess I had Soap from a run that got cancelled or something? No idea. We hit up Temenos - Central 1st Floor. The run went pretty well. Cleared it and got four coins. Only AF+1 item was the BLU one which I don't think anybody wanted.

After that everyone went to do Salvage or something. So, I worked on my RDM subjob a bit more.And I'm halfway to 44!

I should really hurry up and finish RDM to 49 and get WHM to at least 40. I've got an Allied Ring (+150% EXP; 9,000 cap; 5 charges), Anniversary Ring, and Chariot Band all ready and waiting. I just sort of hate being healer, and Red Mage and White Mage are both...lacking when it comes to melee DDing which means soloing isn't very fast.

Promathia Unleashed!!!

Like Square-Enix promised at Vanafest 2010 they're lifting the level cap on CoP areas. Which having been previously announced makes it not particularly exciting. Since CoP mobs almost universally suck for their levels (i.e. Morbols, Snolls, etc) I'm not sure where people would want to merit/level to 80 (80? See below.). People like Greater Colibri because they're squishy, not particularly dangerous, and have low HP. People don't like mobs with high DEF/HP, dangerous TP moves, and that are generally annoying. Morbols and Hippographs? I think I'll pass.

There are some Perytons in Riverne, but nobody's in Lufaise Meadows killing them now. Would people move to Riverne for them? Anyone have any ideas for how this new EXPing area thing is supposed to work?

Cool Stuff That May Happen...

Swift Belt/Soboro may become soloable? I mean sure you could get the Haste+3% & Attack+5 NM drop one from the AH (or camp the NM yourself), but just farm up the pop item and go curb stomp the NM? That's pretty awesome. Of course even if they raise the NMs' levels a NIN80/WHM40 with Haste might be able to solo the Hume Swift Belt NM anyway. The Elvaan/Tarutaru fomor and the Soboro NM might be a bit much still.

Promy Maps...soloable? There's only about five maps in the game I'm missing, and these are some of them. Granted I never go to Promyvions now, so I don't miss them much. The Riverne maps might become soloable as well.

Also, don't the sperm-shaped Empty mobs have really low HP? This might make them good BLM solo fodder?

Wyrm King R3s! Wyrm King R3s! Wyrm King R3s! Sorry. But if you've been tossed out of a Bahumat burn in a slightly corpsey state you'll now be able to get a Raise III assuming you have a WHM available.

Or maybe a Scholar if SCH gets R3 with the level cap increase? (RR3 would be pretty awesome as SCH too.) Maybe Regen III, too?

Level 80?

Square Enix posted this on the Vanafest 2010 site:Which shows three stages to go from the 75 -> 99 level cap. A 24 level increase. Square-Enix, like most people in general, seem to like nice even numbers, so we assume that means the level cap is getting raised to 80.

It could also mean that we'll get an 24 / 3 = 8 level cap boost? Being level 83 would mean...this: BLM83/RDM41. Convert and Refresh both standard issue BLM fare in June! SCH83/RDM41...even more awesome! Somebody will need to crunch the numbers on whether Sublimation or Refresh is better to use. ;-)

Aside from Chi Blast, which would hardly make /MNK41 suddenly awesome, I can't think of any other things that would make the 8 level cap increase significantly better than just level 80.

Hopefully, if Square-Enix is going to make new spells added on the way to 99 drop off mobs (Enspell 2 style) they'll add most/all of the scrolls they're going to in June. Rather than more spread out among all three level cap increases. That way there will, hopefully, be a glut in the market by the time people need hundreds of them. Camping Mage Goblins like they drop Ridills isn't something I'm eager to participate in. They could also just have NPCs sell the things, but that would be too straightforward for SE I think.

So, yeah. June is looking to be a pretty cool update. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Yet more SCNM farming tonight. But, with one difference. Crazy awesomeness at the end:Cerberades apparently controls the Throne Room [S] now, so I dropped 22k Allied Notes and walked to the accursed San D'Oria [S] to get a ring of super duper awesomeness. Seriously, it's pretty awesome. As lazy as I've been about grinding out subjobs having a 150% boost will seriously help. Combined with the Anniversary Ring it's ~75K EXP for free. And that's not counting the Chariot Band. Crazy huge EXP bonuses being handed out here.

Unfortunately, as of now Sandy isn't holding the Throne Room in Campaign, so I won't be able to get a ring next week unless that changes. I could go do some Campaign and spam Fiat Lux like many people are, but Noctis Emotis gear is of zero use to me and I'm lazy, so there.


As for the actual SCNM stuffs, I arrived late so I only got to kill a few. Spongshell is the DRK NM who usually invites himself to a rapeparty at my face's house. He can spam that Wrath of G'duah or whatever the fuck it's called and he likes to just randomly make tanks die. Fortunately, this time around myself, Shenel, and Krystallls were all tanking it and none of us died. Shenel and I were trading hate pretty well for the first half until Krystallls arrived and wearing it down. It was just generally a good kill. Brim, Epic, and Jam died (the latter deleveling in nostalgic Jam fashion), but everyone else lived. It was pretty awesome.

And then we did the Goblin NM. He spams a Bomb Toss move where a bunch of bomb NPCish mobs spawn that AoE WS will kill. So, there's the first time ever a NIN/WAR punching shit with Dusk Gloves wasn't completely retarded.Spinning Fist for the win! Or not really, but it helped a bit. And then we called it a night.

I'll try to get some subjob EXPing in tomorrow. Red Mage and White Mage will both cap out at 49 in a party pretty quickly with a decent group.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Got Hat?

Congratulations to Jacinda Carinde on her shiny new hat!I got to tank a bunch as NIN and for once I remembered my Terra's Staff. Our Black Mages need to learn the Dark Art of pinning though, so they get eaten less. ^.^;

Friday, May 14, 2010

Where's my alliteration? Also, SCNMs, again.

Square-Enix finally gave us the first "update teaser" for the Big June Update. And like most of their initial teasers it tells us virtually nothing.
Click to enlarge and see the nothing.
I'm not going to complain about that though.

No, I'm going to complain about something mundane and stupid the total lack of alliteration. As exciting as the possibility of killing 352 Bees under Ice weather to get a Scorpion Harness analog that my PUP can wear, and as truly EPIC the LULZ will be when everyone on BG who've wasted years of their lives botting Fafhogg to get an E.body crying that you can kill 800 Goobues under Ice or Lightning weather/day (see what I did there?) to get an E.body analog with Double Attack+1% on it will just know it's going to be disappointing now.

Your Black Mage/Red Mage can Convert and get Chain #7 on the EM-T Ebony Puddings?


But your Version Update notes are still totally fucking devoid of alliteration. Square-Enix has abandoned you and you're going to die alone. I hope you're happy. Anyway...


Apparently, we're the only LS on Cerberades that do SCNNs or something. Not that I'm complaining, having MPKing asshats all over the place isn't something I miss. (Dynamis and Limbus are retardedly overcrowded.) But, it's meant we've been able to farm up a bunch more in Beaudeux [S] last night! To the pictures!There's a number of things going on here that are surprising. First, I'm both cynical and dead. We also learn that Brim has at least 3 merits. Hehe.

But...The NM put out! So somebody (forget who) got a shiny new Terror Shield.

Next, some funny chat log:Did you know Observant Zekka has Return Magic (like from FF:Tactics?) I didn't, but Myoubi sure found it out in a hilariously awesome way. LOL.

I also always play with the sound on. Strange, I know. But I haven't been listening to music much lately, and having played for quite a while I can tell when a lot of things happen off-camera by the sound effects. Spells, JA, aggro noises, footsteps...yeah. There is an option to turn off footsteps, but I don't play any clanky armor jobs so I leave them on. Much to my amazement Shenel made it halfway across Beadeaux [S] w/o Sneak on, not knowing it, and not aggroing anything. I doubt anyone could Metal Gear their way half that far without Sneak on purpose. Awesome. XD

We were headed to Bres. Bres is the Fomor NM that spams Dragon Kick for massive damage and uses Hundred Fists. Shenel and I were tanking as NIN/WAR.Yet neither of us died somehow. Nobody did, actually. (Krystallls died on the way to wherever we were at the time having arrived after everyone else.)And in a second miracle, we got full drops.

To end the day:The annoying "Runs the fuck away constantly and randomly has a rape party at my face's house with Ore Lob" NM. Who surprisingly didn't kill me. He threw the party at Epic's face's house instead (she was standing next to me singing March as Bard).

And that rounded out my night. I think they got the few other Nms after I had to log off. Which means we have ~2 completed sets.

UPDATE: Some Super Duper Ultra Bonus SCNM pics from the previous run that Jacinda Carinde blogged about:Here we see my awesome (read: piss poor) job holding Observant Zekka after Mili aggroed most of Beaudeux [S].And the same NM after it -ga3'd me when I obviously wasn't safely out of range still Weakened.And what I think was our last NM of the night. (The WAR NM that spams the crap out of Stun TP moves if I recall correctly.)

Unrelated note: Black Mages better get a Return Magic JA this update or...else they won't, I guess. I need to work on my making threats I won't actually follow through on thing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whole Wheat, Blueberry, Banana Cornbread (Recipe)

And now for something completely different: Food!

I came up with a pretty tasty variation that's a melding of banana nut bread and cornbread which I'm sure will offend fans/purists of traditional versions of both. But it tastes really good, so fuck those people in their ears.

This is a Quick Bread, so the basic idea is you combine and mix all the dry ingredients and all the wet ingredients separately, combine, bring them together with as little mixxing as possible (small lumps are OK), and then put into a pan and bake for 35-45 minutes.

Dry Ingredients:
1.5 cups - Whole Wheat Flour (you can use regular flour if you prefer)
2 cups - Stoneground Cornmeal
1 Tbsp - Baking Powder
1/4 Tsp - Nutmeg
1/4 Tsp - Orange Zest
1/2 cup - Dried Blueberries
1/2 cup - Nuts of your choosing (walnut or pecan, toasted, would probably be best; optional)
Pinch - Kosher/Sea Salt

Wet Ingredients:
3-4 - Mashed Bananas (use a fork)
1 Tbsp - Vanilla Extract
1 - Egg
1/4 cup - Sugar
1 cup - Milk
2 Tbsp - Vegetable Oil

Once you've got those two sets of ingredients ready preheat your oven to 350F and coat your baking pan with butter/shortening. For easy extraction, cut a piece of parchment paper so that the bottom of the pan is covered (on top of the coat of butter) and two of the sides. After baking you can just lift the loaf out by the parchment.

Anyway, combine the wet ingredients with the dry, mix just enough to bring it together, and pour into the pan. Bake it for ~30 minutes and then check on it. Cooking time varies a bit, use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to test for doneness. (Poke into the center and pull the skewer out. If it comes out clean its done.) If not, give it five minutes. Once finished cooking, turn the loaf out on a cooling rack.

The result should be a slightly sweet, moist loaf of bread. There should be some of the cornbread graininess, but softened and kind of velvety.

Any suggestions on changes are welcome, it's very much a Work-In-Progress.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moar SCNMs!

We did some more SCNMs again tonight! Nobody else was in the zone, so we hit all eight (?) NMs. Which means if we do The Buried God BCNM again and get a Barbut/hat thingy all our 75 RNGs will have one! :-D

Unfortunately, I think a bunch of people still want the Stoneskin +30 Gloves, so we may be there a while longer. They are very nice gloves though, so I can understand wanting a pair if you can make use of them. I cap out my Stoneskin on SCH and it's saved my ass on quite a few occasions.

I went as Ninja/Warrior again to help tank. I've gone NIN at least twice now, and I'm still getting used to it again. I switched up my Provoke macro to use (in less than & greater than brackets) '/ja "Provoke" [stnpc]' so I could pick my target over [t]. It's an extra 'X' button press, but there's going to be a much more durable Paladin there and/or a second Ninja, so being able to Provoke adds easily is quite handy.

Yonin is pretty awesome. I'm not even talking about the "I'm a cheap bastard who doesn't like blowing gil in Ninja Tools" or "Cerberus has COMPLETELY FUCKING RETARDEDLY EXPENSIVE AND SCARCE NINJA TOOLS on the AH" thing either. The big, free Enmity+ boost from it is just awesome. I can mostly keep hate off of a RNG and SAM (who are holding back, obviously) and the mob never goes after the healers. Who in turn don't hold back from Cure-bombing me when I need it.

Which I did need more than I'd like. Mostly due to having forgotten a few pieces of my Terra's Staff. I've also got stuff like my Nozi...something Shuriken with Enmity+2, Enmity Earrings, and that Torque w/ Enmity+ muled because I hadn't used them in forever. With the small group SCNM stuff I've been up to though I'll ship them back to my main.

Now for some pictures!
Here you can see what happens when Imps scratch the shit out of my face and spam -ga2s on my sorry ass.

Note to self: Evasion tanking works poorly on Observant Zekka.
Here you can see me re-deadified by a -ga2 or -ga3 that I obviously wasn't far enough out of range from at the same fight.

Why is it so much more fun to -ga things than be -ga'ed? The world may never know.
I die a lot. LOL. I forget why I took this pic, but I was subjected to another round of turtle rape party at my face's house.Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives. (My plagiarism reminds me I need to go pirate the latest episodes, hehe.)

I didn't die! Yeah, you could point out that I didn't die for most of the NMs, but I forgot to take pictures of them. So, corpsey it is!

Now I'm going to go play God of War II. It's remarkable that Kratos is such a thoroughly unsympathetic and unrelateable character. It's actually pretty funny. Most game studios wouldn't consider such a thing, but being a gigantic douchebag and murdering mythological figures/creatures in a hilariously gratuitous manner is actually pretty fun. Hammering 'O' to shove your dagger thingies down minotaur's gaping maws can get a little tiring though.

Anyway, TTFN! May everyone who wins Rank 1 Mog Bonanza take the gil and transfer to Cerberus and give me a bunch, please! ;-P

Friday, May 7, 2010

9 Days Away != "Imminent"



We did some more SCNMs tonight! With these ones we've gotten three Hats, two Axes (one trashed), one Stoneskin gloves, and one Earring.

Also, I hate that asshat DRK NM.

Anyway, pictures!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Days & Weeks

Look! What passes on The Pie Blog™ as a "clever" title for a post!

While reinstalling the game on my PC for the one too many-th time because I reinstalled a 64bit version of Windows 7, I wrote up some review/commentary/comparison between 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later.

It was in about ten minutes with minimal spellchecking/editing on some particularly lousy forum software, so there's almost definitely an abundance of errors. Here she is:
I've seen both. I definitely liked Days better of the two. There's spoilers of both below, so don't read if you haven't seen them. I personally think after 5+ years people should either go watch/play/read whatever or not expect everyone to keep the twists and turns a secret. But whatever, moving on....

That's not to say Days was without problems though. First, the positive. It had a pretty genuinely creepy, hostile environment for the pre-Mansion part of the movie. It didn't just make everything dark and have squeeky cats pop out every ten minutes like some horror flicks do. You got the feeling that this place is totally fucked and there's little hope of escaping it. The viewer also discovered (though much wasn't hard to guess) what happened along with Jim. The writer and director obviously heeded the "Show, don't tell" mantra of writing/storytelling.

The characters while not ultra deep studies of the human character weren't all one dimensional and boring. Towards the end of the movie there's a moment where Jim is about to be brained by the black girl (who's name I forget) because he's acting as, if not more, savage than the infected. The Rage Virus didn't transform people into blood-thirsty monsters, it kind of just flipped a switch that was already there. Or flipped a switch off. Depends on your view of human nature, I suppose.

Now for the negative. The story while still entertaining was far too predictable towards the end. The soldiers kidnap and are pretty blatantly planning on gang raping the two girls (one of whom is underage), and take Jim off into the woods to put a few new holes in his head. Did anyone not see that coming? That's not rhetorical, I'd like to actually know if a person exists who while watching 28 Days Later did not realize what was coming? I'll wait...

Ok, so that's not much negative. Well, the CG zombie child was pretty bad CG. There, that's all the bad I can speak of [i]Days[/i].

As for we go. Let's start with the positives again. The intro was suspenseful and built tension and terror as infected began to burst through with increasingly little apparent hope of escape. Then the cowardly, later-infected, antagonist flees in broad daylight in a speedboat that was conveniently just left tied to a dock, not half full or sunk from of any rainwater in the past SIX MONTHS (I never new England didn't get rain), and makes his getaway.

Now for some negative. Improbably dry and basically fully functional speedboat aside, maybe the director was trying to go for some sort of ironic contrast of the nighttime-like conditions of the survivors hiding out with candles to the shocking full daylight escape, but it really didn't work for me. Being "avant garde" or whatever by having the contrast of daylight in a zombie movie and that the infected are still vicious even when they could get a tan...Ugh. Maybe it's just me, but the dark adds a fear of the unknown. The pre-preposterous escape scene was dark despite it being daylight. That makes sense because the survivors had boarded all the windows, but I didn't get the sense it was daytime watching it. It just really didn't work for me. Maybe I'm just weird, whatever.

Back to some later in the movie positive. I found several of the character interactions interesting, if still a bit weird. The husband who escaped in the beginning kissing his wife, becoming infected and then violently murdering her, and stalking his own children in an apparently more willful and intelligent way than most infected was pretty disturbing yet interesting. I'm not entirely sure what the commentary there was, but I definitely noticed something.

The movies two BIG negatives that really made it a mediocre successor to Days are that after the infection disaster starts practically everybody but the main characters (and sometimes some of them as well) is handed the Idiot Ball for the rest of the movie.

Watching it you'll constantly be asking yourself, "Why the hell did he/she/they do that?!?" as somebody does something stupid that is either self-defeating or a massive overreaction that is unlikely to improve the situation. (Somebody on an earlier page mentioned that the overreaction of the American troops who begin murdering everyone, including the obviously not infected, was supposed to be social commentary. But it was handled so hamhandedly it was lost on most people.)

There's also the ending. The movie was originally supposed to have the kid who was infected, like his dead mom, but not psycho because of it (also like his mom) being flown away and the credits rolling. The new director instead hired a bunch of extras (a.k.a. "homeless people") to get on some makeup and run at the camera all crazily in France in a final scene. There could, hopefully, be some non-retarded explanation for how this happened, but I really doubt it.

It reminds me of the very much dead, with his head cut and waved about to the camera no less, Vorador appearing without explanation in Blood Omen 2. It was made by a different studio who crapped all over the continuity with a nonsensical story and forced the proper devteam in Defiance to try and explain away all the nonsense. (The answer was basically, "A wizard did it!" Kain gained sudden new powers that you'd have thought he would have used before under different circumstances, but didn't because nobody had asspulled them yet.)
So yeah. I complained about an awful game in the Legacy of Kain series instead of that Squall/Seifer/GODiHATEthisGAMEsuckFEST for a change. Gotta switch it up once in a while, right?

Monday, May 3, 2010

We require moar Vespene Gas. Also, where's my Anniversary Ring?

I can't help but notice it's May. Mostly, because it's like 85F outside for the first time in quite a while. A welcome change over the week of 50F rainstorms and/or five feet of snow that was on the ground at one point.

May (usually) also means Adventurer Appreciation time. And time for a shiny new ring of awesome. An Anniversary Ring would sure be nice for leveling my still-not-leveled-subjobs to 49.

Alliterative announcements about the Feast of the Swords even that no one cares about is great and all, but a 100% EXP bonus ring would be kind of nice too.

Cerberus also really needs to stop sucking massive dick at Campaign so we can get Allied Rings. Or continue to suck as bombing the fort in Beaucedine Glacier [S] is pretty safe and easy EXP for subjobs.

I'd prefer the ring though, personally.

Saturday, May 1, 2010