Monday, May 31, 2010

Does Fields of Valor hurt partying?

I've been working on leveling subjobs to 49 for the coming Version Updates and level 99 and it got me thinking about Fields of Valor's effect on EXP partying. I know with the game old and dying and whatnot that parties can be difficult to come by. But I'm wondering if doing Fields of Valor reduces that further?

If I was out soloing pre-FoV and I got a /tell about a party, unless it sounded completely retarded, I'd drop what I was doing to go join it. Now I'll think, "If I go, then I miss out on 880 EXP if I solo six more mobs... Also, this party will probably end up being retarded."

Meh. I guess I'm selfish and cynical.

Also, Red Mage 49!
I finally hit 49 on my Red Mage! It's one of the two "high priority" subs. It was sort of like when I leveled Dancer to 37: It's impossible to kill, but kills things slow as shit. Also, Phalanx ia awesome.That, and Monk mobs don't hit very hard.I ended up getting about 30k worth of crap in ~5 levels.

I also got two hilariously worthless Evoliths:Who let the guy who designed Evoliths drink printer toner when he was working?


  1. I wouldn't say that FoV directly hurts parties, but it doesn't help them any.

    From what I've noticed, people have become too selective with party formations, camps, exp/hr, etc. FoV gets rid of the headache associated with making a party.

    It even affects merit parties to an extent. I see more and more people getting merits in Cape Terrigan / Campaign now as well.

  2. Also, this party will probably end up being retarded.

    I think you hit the key point here. People are often idiots and if you get a party full of them it makes the whole thing a very frustrating experience. EXP might not be as fast while soloing, but it sure beats having some guy come back to camp with three links and wiping the party multiple times.