Friday, May 21, 2010


Yet more SCNM farming tonight. But, with one difference. Crazy awesomeness at the end:Cerberades apparently controls the Throne Room [S] now, so I dropped 22k Allied Notes and walked to the accursed San D'Oria [S] to get a ring of super duper awesomeness. Seriously, it's pretty awesome. As lazy as I've been about grinding out subjobs having a 150% boost will seriously help. Combined with the Anniversary Ring it's ~75K EXP for free. And that's not counting the Chariot Band. Crazy huge EXP bonuses being handed out here.

Unfortunately, as of now Sandy isn't holding the Throne Room in Campaign, so I won't be able to get a ring next week unless that changes. I could go do some Campaign and spam Fiat Lux like many people are, but Noctis Emotis gear is of zero use to me and I'm lazy, so there.


As for the actual SCNM stuffs, I arrived late so I only got to kill a few. Spongshell is the DRK NM who usually invites himself to a rapeparty at my face's house. He can spam that Wrath of G'duah or whatever the fuck it's called and he likes to just randomly make tanks die. Fortunately, this time around myself, Shenel, and Krystallls were all tanking it and none of us died. Shenel and I were trading hate pretty well for the first half until Krystallls arrived and wearing it down. It was just generally a good kill. Brim, Epic, and Jam died (the latter deleveling in nostalgic Jam fashion), but everyone else lived. It was pretty awesome.

And then we did the Goblin NM. He spams a Bomb Toss move where a bunch of bomb NPCish mobs spawn that AoE WS will kill. So, there's the first time ever a NIN/WAR punching shit with Dusk Gloves wasn't completely retarded.Spinning Fist for the win! Or not really, but it helped a bit. And then we called it a night.

I'll try to get some subjob EXPing in tomorrow. Red Mage and White Mage will both cap out at 49 in a party pretty quickly with a decent group.


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