Monday, May 24, 2010

Limbus! Also, did you hear CoP areas will suck slightly less? (Swift Belts, Bahumat R3s, and Promy Maps, Oh my!?)

I logged on just in time to go on a Limbus run yesterday. I was in a hurry and forgot to get Soap! >.< Except, not really. I guess I had Soap from a run that got cancelled or something? No idea. We hit up Temenos - Central 1st Floor. The run went pretty well. Cleared it and got four coins. Only AF+1 item was the BLU one which I don't think anybody wanted.

After that everyone went to do Salvage or something. So, I worked on my RDM subjob a bit more.And I'm halfway to 44!

I should really hurry up and finish RDM to 49 and get WHM to at least 40. I've got an Allied Ring (+150% EXP; 9,000 cap; 5 charges), Anniversary Ring, and Chariot Band all ready and waiting. I just sort of hate being healer, and Red Mage and White Mage are both...lacking when it comes to melee DDing which means soloing isn't very fast.

Promathia Unleashed!!!

Like Square-Enix promised at Vanafest 2010 they're lifting the level cap on CoP areas. Which having been previously announced makes it not particularly exciting. Since CoP mobs almost universally suck for their levels (i.e. Morbols, Snolls, etc) I'm not sure where people would want to merit/level to 80 (80? See below.). People like Greater Colibri because they're squishy, not particularly dangerous, and have low HP. People don't like mobs with high DEF/HP, dangerous TP moves, and that are generally annoying. Morbols and Hippographs? I think I'll pass.

There are some Perytons in Riverne, but nobody's in Lufaise Meadows killing them now. Would people move to Riverne for them? Anyone have any ideas for how this new EXPing area thing is supposed to work?

Cool Stuff That May Happen...

Swift Belt/Soboro may become soloable? I mean sure you could get the Haste+3% & Attack+5 NM drop one from the AH (or camp the NM yourself), but just farm up the pop item and go curb stomp the NM? That's pretty awesome. Of course even if they raise the NMs' levels a NIN80/WHM40 with Haste might be able to solo the Hume Swift Belt NM anyway. The Elvaan/Tarutaru fomor and the Soboro NM might be a bit much still.

Promy Maps...soloable? There's only about five maps in the game I'm missing, and these are some of them. Granted I never go to Promyvions now, so I don't miss them much. The Riverne maps might become soloable as well.

Also, don't the sperm-shaped Empty mobs have really low HP? This might make them good BLM solo fodder?

Wyrm King R3s! Wyrm King R3s! Wyrm King R3s! Sorry. But if you've been tossed out of a Bahumat burn in a slightly corpsey state you'll now be able to get a Raise III assuming you have a WHM available.

Or maybe a Scholar if SCH gets R3 with the level cap increase? (RR3 would be pretty awesome as SCH too.) Maybe Regen III, too?

Level 80?

Square Enix posted this on the Vanafest 2010 site:Which shows three stages to go from the 75 -> 99 level cap. A 24 level increase. Square-Enix, like most people in general, seem to like nice even numbers, so we assume that means the level cap is getting raised to 80.

It could also mean that we'll get an 24 / 3 = 8 level cap boost? Being level 83 would mean...this: BLM83/RDM41. Convert and Refresh both standard issue BLM fare in June! SCH83/RDM41...even more awesome! Somebody will need to crunch the numbers on whether Sublimation or Refresh is better to use. ;-)

Aside from Chi Blast, which would hardly make /MNK41 suddenly awesome, I can't think of any other things that would make the 8 level cap increase significantly better than just level 80.

Hopefully, if Square-Enix is going to make new spells added on the way to 99 drop off mobs (Enspell 2 style) they'll add most/all of the scrolls they're going to in June. Rather than more spread out among all three level cap increases. That way there will, hopefully, be a glut in the market by the time people need hundreds of them. Camping Mage Goblins like they drop Ridills isn't something I'm eager to participate in. They could also just have NPCs sell the things, but that would be too straightforward for SE I think.

So, yeah. June is looking to be a pretty cool update. I'm definitely looking forward to it.

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