Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Magic Stuff I Want (Dreams :-P)

Some stuff I'd like to see added.

Black Mage

Screw Meteor. It's going to suck and if you doubt that you're deluding yourself.

Something that would be cool, but also probably of limited use: Return Magic. A mob nukes you, you instant-cast it back if you pop this JA before being nuked w/o consuming MP. It's of limited use because lots of things cast elements they're strong against/healed by.


Also, magic related: "Chi Drain." This JA would work sort of like Third Eye used to pre-Seigan. Pop the JA. If you take elemental magic damage in the next few seconds there's a chance you'll gain a Regen effect for ten ticks (similar to Mana Converter for a PUP's Automaton) that heals for the amount of damage the nuke would do.

Stuff like Terraflare or whatever wouldn't count. The chance to absorb it as a Regen would be lower with higher tier Elemental Magic. Tier 1s almost always. Tier 3 -gas maybe ~40% of the time.

So, yeah.

Gimme, Square-Enix!

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  1. Wouldn't Return Magic just end up with the BLM pulling even more hate and getting eaten? Still a cool concept.