Wednesday, May 26, 2010

w00t: Medal of Altana! Also, more subjobs.

I have been trying to get the final Campaign Medal for a while now. It's hard because Campaign is fucking retarded.

I warp to an area and the battle ends.

I go to another area and the battle ends.

I go to a third, get Allied Tags. I try to get a 30-note RR scroll, and get kicked out by a healer NPC casting Protect III on me. ("Event skipped", my shiny metal ass.) I try again and get one, use it, try to get signed up for Adder Union so I can lose lot on everything, get kicked out by Shell III from a not at all annoying healer NPC. I finally sign up for the Union, find a mob to fight, hit it twice, the battle ends, and I get 150 EXP/AN.
If you were wondering what he does when not reviewing things.

(I won't complain about the times I get disconnected by the cocksuckers at Comcast after 30+ minutes in a battle so I get jack shit for it.)

And this happens over and over and over and over for two hours until its time for an LS event or I log off/AFK and go do something that's fun and/or not painfully boring.

But it finally paid off:Now I just need to figure out how to go back in time to last week when Sandy controlled the Throne Room and do Fiat Lux. Or not since it doesn't really drop anything I'm interested in anyway.

Well, maybe this:But that's pretty far into "meh" territory. It would probably be the same/worse as a Prism Cape for my BLM on not particularly resistant targets. For my Scholar it would probably be slight better for nukes, but worse for Helices (which I mostly don't use anyway) on not particularly resistant targets.

Red Mage to 49....Ugh.

I've also been working on my Red Mage subjob some more. Almost to 44 now from this:Beauc [S] has a very easy to get to and relatively safe path to the Fortification. Either bombing it when mobs aren't present or "gathering intel" when they are nets me ~400-450 EXP.

The rest is from soloing BST mob's pets.I should probably go RDM/NIN and get a decent set of INT gear and nuke them down. Being a Red Mage with Enfeebling Merits means I should be able to Sleep/Bind/whatever the BST mob if I link it by accident. (Something that BLM/NINs often end up dying as a result of.)

Or just LFP and spam Cure III to 49 in Ronfaure [S]. But goddamn is that boring.

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