Friday, May 14, 2010

Where's my alliteration? Also, SCNMs, again.

Square-Enix finally gave us the first "update teaser" for the Big June Update. And like most of their initial teasers it tells us virtually nothing.
Click to enlarge and see the nothing.
I'm not going to complain about that though.

No, I'm going to complain about something mundane and stupid the total lack of alliteration. As exciting as the possibility of killing 352 Bees under Ice weather to get a Scorpion Harness analog that my PUP can wear, and as truly EPIC the LULZ will be when everyone on BG who've wasted years of their lives botting Fafhogg to get an E.body crying that you can kill 800 Goobues under Ice or Lightning weather/day (see what I did there?) to get an E.body analog with Double Attack+1% on it will just know it's going to be disappointing now.

Your Black Mage/Red Mage can Convert and get Chain #7 on the EM-T Ebony Puddings?


But your Version Update notes are still totally fucking devoid of alliteration. Square-Enix has abandoned you and you're going to die alone. I hope you're happy. Anyway...


Apparently, we're the only LS on Cerberades that do SCNNs or something. Not that I'm complaining, having MPKing asshats all over the place isn't something I miss. (Dynamis and Limbus are retardedly overcrowded.) But, it's meant we've been able to farm up a bunch more in Beaudeux [S] last night! To the pictures!There's a number of things going on here that are surprising. First, I'm both cynical and dead. We also learn that Brim has at least 3 merits. Hehe.

But...The NM put out! So somebody (forget who) got a shiny new Terror Shield.

Next, some funny chat log:Did you know Observant Zekka has Return Magic (like from FF:Tactics?) I didn't, but Myoubi sure found it out in a hilariously awesome way. LOL.

I also always play with the sound on. Strange, I know. But I haven't been listening to music much lately, and having played for quite a while I can tell when a lot of things happen off-camera by the sound effects. Spells, JA, aggro noises, footsteps...yeah. There is an option to turn off footsteps, but I don't play any clanky armor jobs so I leave them on. Much to my amazement Shenel made it halfway across Beadeaux [S] w/o Sneak on, not knowing it, and not aggroing anything. I doubt anyone could Metal Gear their way half that far without Sneak on purpose. Awesome. XD

We were headed to Bres. Bres is the Fomor NM that spams Dragon Kick for massive damage and uses Hundred Fists. Shenel and I were tanking as NIN/WAR.Yet neither of us died somehow. Nobody did, actually. (Krystallls died on the way to wherever we were at the time having arrived after everyone else.)And in a second miracle, we got full drops.

To end the day:The annoying "Runs the fuck away constantly and randomly has a rape party at my face's house with Ore Lob" NM. Who surprisingly didn't kill me. He threw the party at Epic's face's house instead (she was standing next to me singing March as Bard).

And that rounded out my night. I think they got the few other Nms after I had to log off. Which means we have ~2 completed sets.

UPDATE: Some Super Duper Ultra Bonus SCNM pics from the previous run that Jacinda Carinde blogged about:Here we see my awesome (read: piss poor) job holding Observant Zekka after Mili aggroed most of Beaudeux [S].And the same NM after it -ga3'd me when I obviously wasn't safely out of range still Weakened.And what I think was our last NM of the night. (The WAR NM that spams the crap out of Stun TP moves if I recall correctly.)

Unrelated note: Black Mages better get a Return Magic JA this update or...else they won't, I guess. I need to work on my making threats I won't actually follow through on thing.

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