Friday, May 28, 2010

Your level 49 "subjob" 50 for AF?

Perhaps there's a gas leak in here, as I haven't even gotten any job to 49 that wasn't already, but is anyone else thinking of dinging 50 on a job they aren't going to take to 75 to do the AF1 Quests? There's several that while of course are kind of a pain in the ass are really interesting, funny, or otherwise engaging.

I guess I'll give a quick rundown of the jobs I've done AF on for people who're leveling them as subs.

Black Mage AF1 involves all the Windy Walls Tarutaru NPCs who've got houses there. Shantotto, Koru-Moru (sp?), that guy who likes Mandragora crap for some reason, etc. And it's a really goddamned funny quest line. Waiting for weather in Crawler's Nest to get Starfruit Seeds off an Elemental is kind of annoying though. It's up there with the Warp II quest line with things every FFXI player should experience in my opinion.

Scholar AF1 gives some backstory on the Crystal War (as you'd sort of expect), you learn about who this "Shultz" guy is that has EXP scrolls in Iceland Dynamis, and several other things I won't spoil. (The cutscenes are WotG quality too.)

Summoner AF1 expands the backstory of that Tarutaru who summoned Fenrir during the Crystal War and then vanished. If you're interested in the avatars, but haven't taken Summoner to 75 (probably in an Astral Burn party), it might be worth checking out.

Ninja AF1 will probably only really interest players from Bastok as it centers around Kaede (or however her name is spelled) and the Tenshodo mostly.

Monk's & PUP's AF1 quests were unremarkable. PUP's requires trading items to an NPC who "crafts" the pieces, so it'll run you a decent amount of Gil. Both also generally suck as subjobs, so I doubt many people took them to 37 for that purpose. Much less 49.

So is anybody else thinking of tackling some subjob AF quests? I was thinking of doing DNC's personally. I'm not taking it to 75 (or 99), but I bet the CSes are pretty and interesting.


  1. Let me stop you before you get started. The Dancer story isn't half bad, but nothing just ultra remarkable. On top of that, you have to pay for the AF pieces to be made. I think that holds true for all of the ToAU jobs.

    It does have a couple of entertaining moments but,. if you're just doing the AF for the hell of it, I wouldn't bother.

  2. Yes, I realize how stupid I was when I said "that holds true for all ToAU jobs." I meant ToAU & WotG.

    I was tired...leave me be.

  3. No way.

    DNC AF3 is a fucking dance off.

    That alone is worth the price of admission.