Monday, June 28, 2010

Da! da! da! daa! da! daa! da! da!!


  1. >.> I didn't realize Dahaks had gil on them. Well damn. That's a motivating reason to actually go level BLM now.

    Congrats on 80!

  2. Why wouldn't dragons be carrying around money? lol. I did actually kill them because I knew I'd make some money doing it...which is kind of sad. I still need to buy both Stone V and Water V.

    Duo Aura Statues in Sky w/ my SCH! Light crystals, Raxa, Diorite, and Mythril Ore (I can make ingots) all drop.

    I'm also hearing that Grauberg has some Wyverns that are good BLM burn fodder, but have no idea if wyvern parts are worth anything anymore.