Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dancer: Go!

I finished up Red Mage and White Mage at 49 last week. This week, is the Week of Dancer! And maybe Warrior, too. I'm planning to take Dancer to level 50 and do the AF because I hear the quests are pretty awesome.

I geared up my level 37 Dancer, and headed out to Sauromugue Champaigne (however it's spelled; don't feel like checking).
What Fashion Disaster?

I quickly realized the mobs are just annoyingly spread out and moved to East Altepa as an LS mate suggested. And I've only got 11 levels to go! I can also wear my fugly Cuir Armor set that's store at an NPC now.

I haven't logged in yet today, so I don't know if Cerberus controls the Throne Room or not. I'm betting probably not, but getting another Allied Ring (2/5 charges left) would be really nice.

UPDATE:Ding! Level 40!

I have to say that Reverse Flourish is pretty awesome. Too bad it won't be as good for /DNC since Steps only give 1 Finishing Move subbed.

Death to more Giant Spiders!

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