Thursday, June 3, 2010

Done with /White Mage!

This will be a picturey-post!

I got my first East Ronfaure [S] party in my journey to level 49 White Mage.Not the optimal setup, and the best canp was taken, but it didn't matter.And soon after:So I can again say I never need to touch White Mage again. I picked up some of the white magic scrolls I need.I still need to get a Flash scroll off the AH when one's up. It drops off mobs, so it's 4k off the AH or 30k from an NPC. I think I'm missing Barpetra or something too.

What's Next?

Now I need to get going on my non-/NIN melee subs. /DNC is obviously the one that will be most useful. If Monk gets some defensive ability added in June /WAR might become viable (i.e. not completely suicidal)

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