Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday Night Lights

I'm not sure what my stolen title has to do with this post other than it's what I did on Friday. :-p


I worked on /DNC some more! I got from 45 to 47 and halfway or so to 48!Sadly, my Allied Ring is no more. The last charge is still active with most of the EXP bonus left on it. My Emperor Band is also 1/3 charges meaning I have a two charge day to look forward to. Probably for leveling /WAR.

Dynamis - Buburimu!

We did a Dynamis-Buburimu run last night. We killed the Petro Eyes and Voidsong dragons first, by the entrance. They were fairly uneventful. Nearly all the mages actually turned away from the Petro Eyes NM. So there was no:
(Evilbron) I'm {Petrified}
this time.

Then it was time to go to the cliff.Two more dragons, a Quadav WHM NM, and Mega Boss time!One dragon down!Another dragon down!

At this point I headed up to the Outpost to try and find Apocalyptic Beast, the area's Mega Boss while the Quadav WHM NM was pulled and killed. And the thing was nowhere to be found. Finally with only a few minutes left Shenel found it. It wandered eastward on the road, and I decided to try and pull it. As MNK/NIN. I wasn't expecting things to turn out well for me.With the help of the plentiful and easily abuseable terrain I made it almost back to the group before we were kicked out. I was at the thing that looks like the cliff where we were camped that's right before it if that makes any sense.

No drops unfortunately. Hopefully, we'll be doing some Icelands next week. Or some Dynamis-Qufim. I would really love to get one of these:So back to the /DNC grind!

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