Sunday, June 20, 2010

I hate THF + first 'Voke.

Anyone know how to change Blogger back to the Olde Tymey editor? This new one sucks. (And when did MS make a second fixed width font?)

Anyway, as the title would suggest I really dislike the first Provoke thing. It's done wrong at least 75% of the time. The THF is always /NIN anyway, so they could just use SA on their own and not annoy everyone.

My last two parties as Warrior have been good examples of the first Provoke problem.

The first, we had a Paladin, no Bard/Corsair, and both the THF and the PLD were slow as shit to line up and get SATA going. We're talking the mob's half dead by the time they get around to it. And we're killing slow as fuck. I'll spare the other party members the embarrassment of a screenshot.

The second, was the rare ocassion that first 'voke worked OK.
We had all /NIN DDs two WARs using Polearm and a SAM using Polearm. The THF lined up fast and the NIN would use Provoke right after SATA. Double Thrust -> Vipe Bite makes Distortion and would nearly kill the birds when we had TP.
And best yet, I wasn't the first 'voke.

"I'm out of shihe--"

Trades the guy a bag of shihei.

And I hit 43! Which means /WAR is ready for tomorrow and the next update. If Square-Enix fixes Guard, then with Perfect Counter MNK/WAR may be non-suicidal.

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