Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I was skilling up in Besieged. Also, Monk leveling!

I did my first Besieged in forever. I had just arrived back in Whitegate from Mount Z on Black Mage, so I went as BLM80/WHM40 and skilled my not quite capped Elemental/Enfeebling/Dark magic skills.
I got a few levels of Elemental nuking the crap out of some Hydra HNM with an unspellable name, but not much else.

Being able to Haste people as Black Mage could bring back /WHM to a number of situations. Duoing with a NIN or /NIN mainly.
I got a little over 1,000 EXP for a few minutes work. Not bad, I may go to Besieged more often in the future. It's like Campaign except you don't stand around doing nothing because a THF or RDM is "soloing" (read: boring to death) one of the trash mobs for 45 minutes.

iPunch™: Frozen Edition

I logged back in just in time to join an LS merit party. Or post-75 leveling party. (What are we calling them?)

You youngsters may not remember it, but us old folks used to walk uphill knee deep in snow both ways to get our EXPz back before ToAU. Well, one way when you were a Black Mage (or insane fucking Dragoon) soloing King Buffalo. Thankfully, we weren't going to merit...EXP...TP Burn....whatever...on AoE Plague (TP reducing) spamming Buffalo. No, Square-Enix added some new Ahriman mobs all the way up the top of Ule. Range by Jormy.
They are pretty decent EXP fodder. They have ~6,000 HP. With two Bards any decent DD can tear them apart. The biggest problem is the AoE Sleeps and Binds. If one gets obnoxious you can lose your chain pretty easily. The worst such occurance had nearly everyone slept for about five minutes. We'd wake up and Sleepga would land again. Yes, I spammed /slap.

They're casters, of course. Most of the spells are single target, elemental debuffs, or other stupid shit though, so that makes them super easy with Elegy and/or Hojo on them. TP moves tend toward annoying or irrelevant (Arrow Shield) than threatening. They have Eyes on Me which does ~600HP damage unresisted. It's magic damage though, so it won't interrupt casting. The only physical one is Blindeye which with its long charge time and being single hit I think only landed twice.

As far as money drops from EXPing goes, I ended up with a buttload of Dark Crystals, some Ahriman Wings, and lots of Ahriman Lens. The latter of which provide materials for Prism Powders better than the non-EX ones. It's kind of meh from a making gil while leveling perspective.

The EXP rolled in though, and I got more than halfway to 78 from 200 EXP into 76.
Which is quite a lot of EXP. Something around 70K EXP. I had a bit of a headache by the end of it.
I played around with my new H2H WS, of course. Tornado Kick looks pretty cool. But it's kind of Dragon Kick 2.0. It does shit damage without Footwork. This was my highest one of the night. Asuran Fists was doing ~550 on average.

I also found a fun bug where I start to use Tornado Kick with 301 skill, swap out my Faith Torque to have under 300 skill, and Tornado Kick doesn't go through. Of course there's still the bug with the WS not showing up in the WS list until unequipping and putting back on my weapon.

So that was my evening. I made a nice big dent into 80 Monk. Combined with what I've read about Perfect Counter at 79 (it's like Seigan Third Eye Counters for 1-3 hits) I'm looking forward to dinging into 80.

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