Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm a pretty, pretty dancer!

So I leveled Dancer a bunch more last night. I only remember parts of it... Something about taking five minutes to kill an Easy Prey mob makes me drink to forget. :-PI went /NIN although I didn't actually use Utsusemi: Ichi very often. It's pretty pointless. Shadows don't last very long, I have no recast reducing gear, and the mobs don't hit hard anyway.

Also, outside Norg has stupid /shouts like Whitegate:Anyway, much stabbing and ding!I hit 44. Much more stabbing ensued.I'm pretty sure I screwed up that saying. The point was mobs can't kill me, but I can only very slowly kill them. But I perservered.Now I can use Haste Samba, yay! And I have no other JAs to look forward to on the way to 49/50. But I did learn one thing.That Haste Samba's sound effect is annoying.

i r teh fail0rz @ maths

Something I'm curious about, is which would kill faster:
Haste Samba + Curing Waltz II more frequently + Weapon Skills less frequently(?)
Drain Samba II + Curing Waltz II less frequently + Weapon Skills more frequently
I guess the answer would probably be "it depends."

In any case, I'm most of the way done leveling my subjobs to 49 now! :-D

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