Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Back (FFXIAH-related)! New WS Analysis & Speculation, also: Hackings?!

My LS Community profile finally got up to date, and I was able to register 'LazyBrimsDotCom' LS.So the sidepanel is now reflecting something that's happened in the past two months. Which from what I'm that I was Fishing until late last night. :-P now has my character sales history/profile updated and substantially less boring too.

Updates & Hackings

On POL there's a .WMV of the new WS being launched this update. Here's a breakdown.

Tornado Kick - Hand-to-Hand

We see a two-kick WS being performed by a Monk. Unless they change lolFootwork this might be something to replace Dragon Kick. It looks like the Monk may be wielding Glanzfaust, the Monk Mythic Weapon. Glanzfaust's current Mythic WS is Ascetic's Fury a two-fist crit chance WS...

Blade: Yu - Katana

What appears to be a one-hit weaponskill. And it is quite clearly being performed with the Ninja Mythic Weapon, Nagi. Nagi's current Mythic WS is a one-hit WS Blade: Kamu...

What's the name mean? It probably refers to Yu the Great. An Emperor who according to Wikipedia, "is best remembered for teaching the people flood control techniques to tame China's rivers and lakes." Which would explain the water splashing animation.

Aeolian Edge - Dagger

A Thief wielding Vajra, the THF Mythic Weapon, performs a two-hit WS. Mandalic Stab is the current Mythic WS and only a single hit. So, this one looks more like Shark Bite, than the possibly-upgraded-Mythic-WS pattern of the previous two.

Numbing Shot - Marksmanship

A Corsair pistol whips and then shoots the target. This makes it look a lot like the Ranger-only Blast Shot. It may be being performed with Death Penalty, the COR Mythic Weapon, but I can't really tell. Stupid tiny Tarutaru models/half-blind Evilpauls.

Sanguine Blade - Sword

A Paladin with Burtgang performs a single stab and Drain II-balls float back to him. Knowing SE this will heal for roughly a Cure IV worth of HP and produce that much hate.

Bora Axe - Axe

A Tarutaru BST in Hecatomb gear performs what appears to be a ranged attack with his Aymur, the BST Mythic Weapon. Yawn.

Herculean Slash - Great Sword

A Dark Knight with Ragnarok, the DRK Relic GS, performs a one hit attack. There's icey stuff, so Additional Effect: Paralysis?

Cataclysm - Staff

A guy in full Homam wielding a Staff, apparently Paladin or Dragoon, performs a single hit WS that looks identical to Retribution except the different glowy stuff at the end. I have no idea.

Infernal Scythe - Scythe

A Dark Knight with the Mythic Scythe performs what looks like a one-hit WS resembling Vorpal Scythe. Maybe extra damage with Souleater active? All these one-hit WS...aren't they going to have the problems that existing non-SAM one-hit WS have? (i.e. suck ass)

Tachi: Ageha - Great Katana

A Samurai performs a single hit WS with what appears to be Kogarasumaru, the GK Mythic Weapon.

The word Ageha (again, stealing from Wikipedia) is Japanese for Swallowtail butterfly. Said butterflies can be clearly seen flying away at the end of the animation. So, the end all be all of physical attackers now can both play with pretty flowers and make pretty, pretty butterflies appear. Rumor has it Square-Enix is giving SAM some JSE in June with Haste+Store TP+Accuracy on most of the pieces that's actually re-skinned Dancer AF in June to further accentuate Samurais' badass feminine sides.

Sonic Thrust - Polearm

A Dragoon with the Mythic Polearm performs a one-hit WS. Why do I not think this will be replacing Drakesbane? Also, it's boring. Moving on.

Flash Nova - Club?

A...Paladin? With a...Club? Performs a one-hit WS that looks a lot like...Black Halo?

I'm thinking the devs are pulling a "Summoner with a Scythe" preview with the Club and Staff WSes.

Refulgent Arrow - Archery

A Ranger that an E.bow? What happened to Relics & Mythics? Performs a one-shot shiny attack.

I looked it up for you: Refulgent means "shiny," basically.

How cool would a WS that is strong as Sidewinder, and hopefully more accurate, that has an added effect Flash to it be? Fire off your WS with Hasso up, pop Seigan+Third Eye while the mob is blinded by Flash and missing you to avoid being eaten. This could be the new WS of choice for people without Relics/Mythics...assuming you don't need one to get it.

Fell Cleave - Great Axe

A Warrior with a Great Axe (wearing the Einherjar Abj. set armor?) performs a one-hit WS that appears to pack a wallop. Better Steel Cyclone? I'm not sure what to expect from it.

Relic/Mythic Required?

My biggest question about these Weapon Skills is will you need to do more Trials of the Magians on a Relic/Mythic to get them? Or will the final form of existing weapons add them? I think the latter is probably the most likely scenario.

I'd also be interested in knowing what the WS are literally translated from in Japanese, French, etc. It would probably tell us more about them.


There's quite a stir on the TTTO and BG about some email alerts about accounts being hacked. I'm not sure what to make of it, but they seem to be genuine. Are they related to the emergency maintenance? It's plausible that the two are related, but far from certain. I haven't gotten one of the emails, so I'll just be watching to see what happens.

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