Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the Cheese Sandwich of mobs.

Why Wait?

I'm curious if there's any real reason to buy the add-ons now rather than waiting? I'm looking forward to the update, but Abyssea could end up being completely retarded. Not that there's any precedent for that. Aside from that I don't think you'll need to wait more later if you wait until June 21st to see if the add-on's decent or not? Unless the update is tiny there will be the usual six hour downloads for some people anyway.

Like Dynamis, Four Years Ago?

One thing I'm wondering about is how Abyssea will play. If the mobs are much higher level and you have to pull several at a time like Dynamis or Einherjar, then being a Black Mage may not be much fun. Even with pretty decent gear you'll see resists further into Dynamis-Xarcabard as Black Mage. With mobs eight levels higher...you could be eating dirt a lot.


Just some of the crap I'm curious about. I'm hoping to get Dancer to 49 today and start on Warrior.

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