Friday, June 25, 2010

Quit camping on top of me you gimp mother&@%&ers...

I find a spot on Mount Z that's not occupied by one or more Black Mages. Things are going OK. I'm getting my Chain #3 and #4 on with some overgrown roaches. I'd do Puddings, but they're always taken.

And that's when some Elvaan wearing terrible gear decides that I sure would love to have his retarded ass camp on top of me. I mean as amusing as it is to see mobs being soloed by a Black Mage use TP moves, and the possibility of watching somebody eat dirt in a remarkably stupid manner can be entertaining: It's fucking annoying.

There's three mobs at most of the better Wamoura Prince solo areas. Enough to chain, not so many that they're linking constantly. Are people so awful at chaining that they think I shouldn't mind them? Is there some way for these gimp idiots to not think they're being assfaced cunt creatures?

I wouldn't even mind if they dropped in at a spot that supports multiple people. The Pudding camp is a good example. You can have several BLMs all soloing there without issue. The west island is the same for Princes. There's four or five spots there. Or one if people are -ga manaburning.

/rant off

Anyway, I plan to have a post with a bit of what I've been up to since the update soon. It mostly involves me nuking things until such a time as they are dead by myself as Black Mage.

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  1. You seem to forget one thing...

    They want to progress - and they do NOT want you to.