Monday, June 21, 2010

Scholar: Still Shit for Merit Parties.

Fucking lame. Seriously fucking lame.

The first is nice. Aquaveil doing something sure would be handy.

The second means RDM/NIN is no longer a tank. NIN/RDM isn't either (shockingly). Paladins can still Phalanx themselves and no longer have any reason to sub Red Mage. NIN/DRK got partially, or mostly, nerfed. Basically, other than DD tanking Paladin is the only tank in the game now. You might point out that I have no idea what "adjusted the enmity" means, but there's no way for this to make Samurai more awesome, so it's making Paladin more awesome.

So I guess we may just learn those new WS? Hopefully, those won't suck.
The first is puzzling. So's the second. What the fuck does either mean? Are Faith Baghnacks (sp? :-P) fucked? Posting the English Update Notes in English sure would be handy, wouldn't it?
Yay? I haven't bothered to really work on a Magian Weapon. I don't know that cutting the trials to 25% the number of kills required would get me to consider changing that.
So KS99s are uncapped? Nice, I guess.

The second meaning Attack+%, Defense+%, Accuracy+%, etc?
So STAT+6 Rings and STAT+3 Earrings?

I've gotta say not seeing any .DAT mining results yet that I'm not very pleased.

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