Monday, June 21, 2010

So what stupid crap is Square-Enix going to make us do for 76?

So, I logged in tonight to see if we were doing Limbus or something, but nobody was in LS. So much for that. I logged out and played Mass Effect 2 for a while. It's a pretty awesome series, pick them up cheap on Steam or Gamestop or wherever. Very fun games.

I logged back in to FFXI again afterwards to get my characters strategically located for the update tomorrow. That is to say, they're by the Auction House. :-P

While I was doing that the now rejuvenated LS discussed topics such as how I think I hate Tom Cruise with Down Syndrome from thosee insurance ads more than "Flo"/Cavemen/Geckos from other insurance ads. We also talked about something we'll probably know by the time most people are reading this: What the hell is Square-Enix going to make us do for 76?

My guesses are Maat will want a KS99 orb or the limit break Moogle will want some Merit Points.

Jacinda believes we'll see an elaborate quest line involving Odin, Shantotto, pie, and...really if it has pie I think we can forgive it being convoluted and requiring multiple waits until after JP midnight, right?

There were other theories that it'll have to require some item that's made from Synergy. Because, you know, everything has to involve Synergy. (Assuming SE doesn't make failed Synergy attempts lose the materials I should probably get around to leveling that.)

Anyone have any pre-POL notes/.DAT digging predictions he or she would like to share?

Post 800!

I forgot to make some note of it, but The Pie Blog™ actually has over 800 posts on it now. Which is sort of landmark in that it can't go downhill any further! Yay!

What's the traditional gift for an 800th post-versary? I'm not sure if anyone's come up with it yet, so I'm going to say IKEA fiberboard. So give someone you love a little shelf held together with strange composite wooden plugs and help celebrate!


  1. Hey, my idea for 76 is very sound. It's convoluted, silly, makes no sense, and is perfect with the current quest scheme for Square-Enix.

    I forgot where I logged off, but it isn't too far from the AH, I think. I'm hungry.

  2. Apparently:

    Trade Five Kindred's Seals while having three merit points.