Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update Day!

So the Version Update arrived at last and we can now level to 80. Black Mage was winning the poll, so I went with that as my first job to take to 80. After that, I want to do either Scholar or Monk.

I capped BLM EXP at the Pudding Camp on Sunday night as I was down 1.5K EXP.

I turned off the Others' Damage filter for e-peen reasons. After re-capping, I was good to go.

The update downloaded on my PC in less than an hour. On PS2 I gave up. Seriously, I spent like half an hour clicking the "Please fucking download this shit" button to no avail. After the first maintenance extension I decided, "Screw it," and went out for a bit. I got back to see the servers still weren't back up.
Believe it or not, being 311 is still one of the first people back on. This update was big.

I knew from reading the forums like they dispensed crack rocks and I was a person who smoked crack rocks that I needed 5 Kindred's Seals and 3 Merit Points. Which is fairly close to what I'd thought we might need. I only had two, so I ran my ass to Port Jeuno. And the game froze. Well, only momentarily. A cutscene was loading.
That finally ended though, I got 3 KS out of storage, and I ran back to the Nomad Moogle.
The fucker takes your three Merit Points without really telling you. Granted, I didn't really read what he was saying, but still...fuck him. Anyway, I was now all Limit Broken. Again. And can ding into Level 80. I'd just need some EXP first.

How much?


Seriously...who decided that 44K+ EXP per level continuing on would be a good idea? That's a fuckton of EXP.
Getting the 1 EXP to get 76 though, was pretty easy.

I remember finding that top of the hill camp in Caedarva Mire back when ToAU launched and everyone with BLM leveled was looking for solo camps. It's the one with a bunch of VT Spongilla Flies nearby and there's a path in the back that leads to black sheep and the Nightmare Gloves sheep NM. Killing a crappy Easy Prey fly in Pashhow [S] to get 76 was sort of symbolic...or something...as continuing my BLM's growth.

I moved to the Konschstat zoneline, or where it would be, and soloed LOTS of Virulent Peistes. I killed lots of them back when WotG launched. Peiste Skins were worth a lot then, and Sprinter's Shoes cost a massive 980 Allied Notes, and where the hell would you get that from?
The difference a little time makes, right? I popped an Allied Ring charge, and got a good ways towards 77.

I got bored enough to leave and decided to try and find either where the Tier V spells drop from and/or something less retarded to EXP off of.
I didn't find anything. Mount Z. is crowded looking as shit from /search. I'd like to find some T-IT BST pets or SMN elementals to one-shot, but haven't been able to. Hopefully, but I doubt it, things settle down a little pre-noon Eastern time and I can get some Mount Z. soloing time in. There's a western island camp I like to solo on.

I ended up in Xarc [S] killing some Cointeach mobs. Basically, I'd pull them with Burst II, Stun or Bind them depending on what they cast, Thunder IV them, and Thunder III them for the kill. Then a bunch of people showed up there and camped on top of me, so I warped.
And I got ~50% of the way to 77.

So that's my Version Update Day. Anyone have a similar EXP related odyssey? Or take off and do the WotG Quests?


  1. BLM soloing Peiste? Is that better xp than Puddings? whats up?

  2. It's better EXP than trying to claim Puddings like they drop Ridills.