Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update Thoughts...

It's no secret what I've been doing since the Version Update arrived: Leveling Black Mage. So, I haven't ventured into the mass death and sufferring that is Walk of Echoes/Abyssea yet. But there's a few things I've noticed I wanted to comment on...


Somehow, Square-Enix made Aquaveil worth casting on purpose. Before it could be OKish if you are meleeing something weak as a black/red/white mage. Now it seems to act like casting interruption shadows. So having your Stoneskin broken either by a Double Attack and/or critical hit while you're getting off a Sleep won't interrupt you with it up. This ties in with the next thing...

Mana Wall

Wow. This was quite surprising. Black Mage 76 gets a 2:1 damage to MP conversion ability. Pull hate on your Magic Burst? If you've got 700MP, Blink, 350HP Stoneskin, and Aquaveil up you can take a fuckton of damage before dying. 700MP will allow Mana Wall to absorb 1400 damage. And that's calculated after any damage reduction gear you have on. Slap on your Earth/Terra's, Jelly Ring, and what have you will boost it further.


Like kited fights? No? Me neither. But with Libra having a Scholar around will provide a hate list with percentages to everyone in the party/alliance. So you don't need to /assist {bt} to find out who's first to be eaten. And it's only got a 1 minute recast, so you can pretty much spam it.


I know there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can't remember what it was at the moment. I'll update this later if I remember it.

Update: Red Mage Tanking

I wasn't too surprised to see this in the update notes. It's pretty lame that SE is taking away RDM's tanking fun, but also good for RDMs using those same abilities for their intended purposes.

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