Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update

In my continuing theme of plagiarizing titles, I've decided to steal one that relates to the content of this post!

Subjob Leveling!

I was in Yuhtunga Jungle stabbing things as Dancer some more. I finally hit 49 and can retire it.I'll do Campaign Ops to get it to 50 so I can do the DNC AF Quests.

I also got started on Warrior. I'm planning to level that almost entirely in East Ronfaure [S] parties. Of course that brings up the question: What type of weapon to use? Birds are weak to piercing damage and Warrior has decent Polearm skill. Also, the level appropriate Great Axe is expensive and I'm a cheap bastard.Unfortunately, due to my Samurai and Dragoon both being level 1, my Polearm skill was 0. I headed out to Qufim Island as WAR/DNC to do some Fields of Valor and skill up.And thanks to the Mog Tablet Martial Master thingy it went up pretty quickly!By the time I hit 38 it was up to 95/109 skill. I've got a Peacock Charm and some other Accuracy gear most people probably don't have, so I won't feel too bad skilling up most/all of the rest of the way to 109 in a party.

Fuckin' Weirdos

Cerberus has some pretty strange people on it. And by strange I mean moderately annoying/retarded. Is it really that difficult to understand the "don't skill up/farm/hog mobs where people level"? It's great that you want to cap your Parrying or Guard by having 45 mobs pound the fuck out of you. There's plenty of dungeon areas where you can do that and be the only person in a zone. The Jungles, Deserts, etc aren't one of them.

Ugh. Anyway...

Zeni Time!

We did some Tier 1 and 2 Mamool ZNMs on Saturday night. First was the Puk.Apparently the Garuda enhancing hat dropped on the one before I logged on to FFXI. I'd kind of like one despite the fact I haven't played Summoner in a year or more. So I'll just have to live with my extra inventory slot. :-p

I got a D2 a bit prematurely before the trophy item dropped to me. Thankfully, my Olduum Ring got me back in time.Next up was Iriz Irma or however you spell the Marid ZNM.Yes, somehow my Modus Veritas "missed." I guess I waved my arms wrong or something.We did a bunch of those and then went to the undersea ruins to do Armed Gears.That NM takes forever to kill. It was after midnight, so I did a suicidal 2hr towards the end.I only got off a Blizzard IV and Thunder IV before it killed me. I got back up and threw off another Tier III and went to go /heal in the corner.

Armed Gears died shortly thereafter, and full drops!And who's Samurai got a new stabby thing?Epic/Sisen's! We called it a night at that point.

It was then a heinous diabolical event took place.Davik "stole" my Lightning Crystal!!! That bastard!

Not to worry though, we've got two more pops for Armed Gears.

And that was my weekend. I think there's Limbus in a bit, so maybe I'll get an AF+1 item or something from that.


  1. dude . . . no bounding boots? C'MON

  2. Meh. I've killed Lizzy a bunch of times and have nothing to show for it.