Wednesday, June 2, 2010

White Mage is terrible.

I just spent three hours healing people and /healing. I was Level Sync'd to 26-31, so I didn't even have much in the way of other stuff I could do. I'm not sad I could only do a Regen rotation rather than having Haste to do as well, but fuck it was still boring. Now here I stand at 41 having played White Mage for the first time in close to five years.I don't even have a White Mage tab on this blog because anything I did WHM-related pre-dates it significantly.

Perhaps it would be best to go back to the beginning.No, no. After my first three hours in the game, but before LFP again in Bastok Markets [S] tonight. We'll go back to last night.I had hit 49 Red Mage and ended my Makara/Sahagin genocide. I went to Bastok Markets [S] to figure out my next move.It turns out I have lots of sets of crap armor stored from pre-Level Sync gear scaling. I stood around tied up in NPC conversation to keep my partial Allied Ring charge from wearing off.

After a while I got an invite to a party in Kazham. Being an optimist (read: I don't want to solo mobs as lolmeleeWHM) I eagerly accepted. Several more casts of Regen than I enjoy later, and I hit 39! We lost our leader/Level Sync'd to guy, so we moved to Yhoator Jungle.And I hit 40! Lots more Regen casts, and when did Square-Enix make Barsleepra not LOL?, and I hit 41!Now I find myself at the new halfway point on a road started five years ago.
I have no clue how the Afflatus things work.
And it's to the deserts to try and hit the mythical level 49 before my sanity runs out.Presumably, if I fail I'll eat my fellow party members. Or cast Regen on Beetles and raise an army of them. Or something.

As a wiseman once said, "Itchy. Tasty."


  1. I'll level your WHM if you level my WAR?

  2. Nah, I'm not looking forward to leveling that either. Almost to 46 now. ^^;