Monday, June 28, 2010

WHM/NIN tanking pre-nerfed with RDM/NIN?

I'm curious...

I was listening to the latest Limit Break Radio episode and they brought up Divine Benison. Which "Quickens spellcasting for status ailment recovery magic. Grants a bonus to enmity reduction." Kaeko pointed out that 'RDM's replacement' would likely be White Mage. Notably, because Yagrush -na spells give crazy hate. But, if AoE -nas don't provide much hate because of Divine Benison, then WHM/NIN has...barspells for VE and Cures for CE? Which would put it in the same boat as RDM/NIN I think.

I have yet to see much in the way of noteworthy testing of just about anything in Job specific forums on KI or Alla, and haven't been able to read through all the BG threads, so I can't confirm what Enmity effects Divine Benison has. But seeing SE preemptively nerf yet another not-PLD-tank would seem to indicate they know their game fairly well, and really do like making us play it the way they like.

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