Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You only need Wings of the Goddess Mission 3?

Square-Enix gave us a thoroughly unexciting announcement today. Like Ringthree pointed out about the "OMG u can has 76!?!" blurb if you would find out about this at all you already knew about it since Vanafest 2010.

The only remotely surprising thing is that it's apparently some sort of tiered Campaign Battle system in Walk of Echoes? And it "solves" the problem of scheduling/claiming Limbus/Dynamis/Einherjar areas by...ignoring it entirely?

Then, of course, there's this:

I haven't been reading any FFXI forum enough lately (read: BG) to see assholes bragging about how their bots and hacks are better than other people's ones specifically with regards to casting lots. But if the people I see doing Campaign who consistently will lot over 900 on any item worth more than 2k gil are an indication the fucking things exist. If you've spent a few hours doing Campaign to get your Medal back for the eighth time you've seen it too.

So just as a Ridill or Defending Ring is the Botter's Badge of Honor whatever crap comes out of Walk of Echoes will be the same. Cool, I was worried there might be some content worth doing in Walk of Echoes.

Possible Funny Unintended Consequence?

How much do you want to bet HNMLSes will be Astral Burning mules to fill the 64 character Battlefield limits to cockblock people?

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  1. Add bot-lotting, and you've got cockblock supreme.

    I just became infinitely less excited for this update. They need to blow up the power structure to this game, not reinforce it.