Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

So I've been doing some Magian Trials lately. Mostly, for Monk (and *whisper* PUP) because you really can't keep up as a DD job using the same shitty weapon indefinitely. Not that Destroyers are horrible weapons or that I've dropped mine since finishing level 80 Taipan Claws. Or that I'm even sure why I'm working on some level 80 Barracudas. It's just when you're doing horrible things to a mob in a hands on manner weapons really matter.

It seems less so with the mostly Hindu deity named level 80 staves though. Sure, Indra's Staff will make your Thunder spells kick more ass than that Roman bitch Jupiter's staff ever would, but does it really matter? If you're nuking Notorious Monsters whoever's spell goes off first usually wins the damage battle unless the other person sucks. (Which itself also usually doesn't really matter.) So there's a lot less impetus to get a new weapon as a mage than as a melee I think. (There's also no high DMG OAT type thing with the new Magian Staves.)

So I looked at the Staff trials, saw "Kill 50 ##@$&(* in !@#@(*& Weather..." and thought, "FUCK NO!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" after doing a kill 50 Goobbues with light-aligned element weather. Which consisted of TBH and Pashow [S] as my two non-Level Synced options. The former barely had Thunder weather in the game season I was trying to do this the latter had Thunder weather frequently, but holding all the Goobbues in the zone at 1% HP with an Ally of BLMs ready to destroy them with -ga3s and you'd be lucky for the spells to go off before the weather ended. I'd Hundred Fists and kill two if I was lucky. My record kills per weather event was 5 when all was said and done.

But then I was talking with a few people in LS and /tells and the stave trials didn't sound so bad. Sure, they'll take a while, but you get a bigger damage boost from them (or Cure potency/Macc boost) than you will from damn near anything else introduced to the game lately. Of course, I have to at least try this.

Then I saw on BG something pretty interesting...the popular Grauberg [S] spot for the first trial is on EP mobs. So naturally Summoner's level 70 BPs destroy them!
And I have to say it's a terrible idea. The title of this post is a Godfather quote and it relates to my thinking "Fuck Summoner" followed (a long time after) by "Summoner's Useful!?!" Which is now, like the BP Gulf Oil Rig thingy from two months ago should be, drowned in fucking cement unable to ever spew forth such nasty shit ever again.

Do not bring Summoner to slaughter Easy Prey mobs. It's fucking tedious and slow. Black Mage soloing Easy Prey mobs is slow because you /heal most of the time, but at least it's not fucking tedious.
So I came back Black Mage and ended up teaming up with a few other BLMs & RDMs. Things were going well, so I came back after finishing my first Staff trial and started up the second staff's trial.
I got about half of the second done before logging for the night. I don't think I'm going to do more than two staves, so that puts me at the 75% mark. Which isn't bad for a few hours total.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Granted I have no idea where even half the stuff comes from...

But how awesome would this be as a MNK TPing set? You'd need to be MNK/DRG for the earring's latent, obviously. And if you had full Usukane that would still (most likely) be better.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

So people like Monk all the sudden?

So it seems like people love Monks all the sudden (for something other than 2007-ish Salvage tactics)? Um...why?

<-- 80 fully merited Black Belt Monk here.

I like the job a lot, but I'm kind of puzzled as to why people are suddenly all over it? Any insight into this that could be shared with me? I'd appreciate it.

Abyssean EXP: So good "only" getting 10.9 merits a go seems like a waste.

The day started out like any other. I logged in to FFXI and tried to do something I'd decided on before logging in: Get some of that crazy awesome Abyssean EXP I keep hearing about.
And I stood around for quite a while. I had a "Traverser Stone x3 {Experience Points} {Yes, please.}" /seacom set as SCH76/RDM38. And nobody was inviting me. I did get a /tell for Misereaux Coast (I'm not looking up how to actually spell it) EXP, but as Ringthree explains you really shouldn't be EXPing anymore.

Plus, I'm sort of lazy. A six man party with a Scholar makes me Haste-less Cure Bitch. I didn't respond because if I had it would have been to ask if there was a Bard/Corsair/something to make the EXP not retardedly slow, but didn't because I'm deeply cynical and knew there wouldn't be. It would be like peeing on an electric fence to find out if my penis were magically immune to electricity. I assume it isn't and don't really care to learn otherwise. If I miss out on the sublime joy of electrical socket sodomy as a result, so be it.

But I'm getting away from the point. I eventually got an invite to an Abyssea-La Theine group.
I immediately accepted and hauled ass to the Cavernous Maw.

It's kind of funny because with huge level 75+ pickup groups you see tons of names you recognize from various occassions over the years in these groups. I wouldn't join /shout Dynamis runs (or whatever), but Abyssean EXP works pretty well with a group of random people. The only hitch seems to be getting melees to not kill with WS.

The run was already underway, so I just tried to follow the lead and mostly healed people with a Drain once in a while. A chest dropped and I /randomed the highest and got this:
There are -2% ones too, but I didn't win /random on one.

A few Cures later and this happened:
And there was much rejoicing!

Even fewer Cures later, thanks to Abyssean EXP's snowballing nature, and this:
And there was much rejoicing! Or so I thought. I'm pretty sure at least one of the people there had a "congrats" macro. lol.

And after the least Cures yet...
80 Scholar!

...Which makes my MAB+4 M.acc+4 Royal Redingote fucking useless due to the fact I've got an assload of Cruor and bought an MAB+6 Teal body off the AH. So I need to repeat the one retarded "mini-expansion" I actually completed again.

But the spice must flow, so I continued spamming Cures a while longer and capped Scholar entirely.
Now I was in merit mode for the first time in a while.

I had only been meriting/post-75 EXPing in LS/friend's groups, and I had held on to six merit points because I was pretty sure that they'd be used in the level 80 cap quest. Three were used by that quest, so I was at 3/10 merits already.
And I very quickly found myself at 10/10 merits and 9,999 EXP. I saved up 9 merits before to do INT, but it took forever to save them up. If you get a good Abyssea group you could cap out a single job entirely in an afternoon or evening on it as opposed to weeks or months soloing/meriting. There's really no reason not to cap out any job you care about with Square-Enix giving us 60k EXP/hr 18 man groups.

I got a D2 and cashed a bunch in.
My PUP is now loaded with JAs/JTs. I'm thinking I'll actually cap out PUP merits.
I returned to Aby-LT and got all the key items possible. Most are listed under temporary key items, so I assume the Abbysite can shatter or something when you get their effects. I've still got more Cruor than I know what to do with in any case.

At one point I timed it and we were doing 60k/hr. This was towards the end before I warped to spend merits, so I was getting ~550 EXP every few seconds. I ended up getting ~300,000 EXP. It seems like a waste to go on a level 80 job for "just" 11 merit points. Like a lot of people I had thought getting multiple 75s to 80 was going to be an impossibly daunting task, but it's possible to get a job to 80 and capped for 81 in less time than people spend getting a job to level 10.

Now I need to write PUP macros for my PC and get that to 80.

NIN too...despite having no idea what NIN's Raison d'être is anymore. Maybe NIN80/WHM40 and solo some Campaign NMs? Meh.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm clever.

If puns are clever, that is.

Looks like no Dynamis tonight.

Instead, watch the Bad Movie Beatdown review of Get Carter. I know I will!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working in the Library

I've been working on getting Scholar to 80 since finishing Black Mage and Monk (mostly) and not feeling like doing more Magian Trials for the time being. I tried the Demon & The Pit method.™
But it's not the safest EXP when I need Iceday to one-shot them usually.
If things go wrong you tend to die. Sometimes though...everybody lives! And I log out. Usually I just die. :-P

The Abyssean Alternative

I finally got to play in one of these newfangled Alliance EXP groups.
It was fun. Sort of oddly chaotic. Like a regular EXP party except with 3x the people.
Sadly, my time came to an end. But I went from barely 76 to almost 77 which is pretty nice.

It's kind of odd to see how Square-Enix made Elemental Magic desirable in EXP. By completely changing how EXP works, but still I have to give them's quite creative.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Black Mage: Done!

For now at least my Black Mage is "finished"!
I capped EXP on Black Mage 80.
I also splurged and did Gobbie Bag IX and got three Teal pieces. The Gobbie thing was because I found myself at 67/70 inventory with the new armor. The Teal set is ugly as fuck, by the way.

Let us store additional sets of armor, Square-Enix!

It's been quite a while since anything new has become NPC storable. I think this or last update added some Rare/Ex furnishings or something?

How about the Rare/Ex sets from Campaign? The Cobra Unit, Iron Ram, etc sets?

How about the Perle, Aurore, and Teal sets just introduced? I don't know if those will end up being the Trial of the Magians upgradeable armors we were promised at Vanafest or not, but if not obtaining and being able to toss a whole set into storage sure would be nice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anybody on Cerberus doing Abyssea?

I was wondering with the update what the fuck Square-Enix was smoking. 45,000+ EXP per level to get to take jobs to 99? More than that, of course, but rounding sharply down that's ~1,080,000 EXP per job. Trying to solo that as Black Mage or Scholar or Puppetmaster (see the side panel of my wasn't encouraging)...that's just an unfathomabley huge timesink. And this for for a game that's one big unfathomable timesink.

It turns out that Abyssea is crazy awesome EXP though. And you get the great EXP by having Black Mages and a full alliance of any job in the game. So problem solved, basically. Now you just need to actually get a group together to do it. I figured it's the middle of the day Sunday, so there's got to be lots of Mission shouts, Abyssea EXP group shouts, or at least something besides retards and Spell/Wild Card Request shouts, right?
Of course fucking not. Shocking, I know right?

So that brings me to my point: Is anybody on Cerberus doing this with a group (and one spot free) on a regular basis? If so please leave a comment or /tell me in-game. I'm very interested.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Update #213

I decided to get in some quick Campaign Ops before Dynamis yesterday. I switched to BLM/THF Retrace+Flee, switch to WAR43/NIN22, and see this startling news:
Brim has been hacked! Someone jacked his shit and decided to get to 76 three weeks after the update! ;-P
And then they made him attack several Campaign mobs w/o Allied Tags!
And then I got my Warrior to 44! Yay me!

Having burned my Campaign Ops tags, I went to try and cap Hand-to-Hand and Evasion on Monk.
Which went pretty well, I got both to their ~79 caps.

Then it was time for Dynamis-Buburimu.
We killed the usual NMs and then found and fought the Mega Boss.
And we killed it.

Then it was time for some farming!
I think it went well!

Aside from wiping to at least 8,999 Scorpions on a bad pull, the run went fairly well. We did crabs, crawlers, and another mob type or two. Unfortunately, only a Warrior's Stone dropped. I think we had a new person who needed the clear, so there's that too I guess.

Update: Monk 80 in Dynamis

Something I forgot to mention that I think is worth talking about is how much stronger Monk feels at 80 in Dynamis. The mix of less level difference penalty, 20+ extra Combat skill levels, and Perfect Counter (replacing Counterstance for Ichi recasting) provides a pretty noticeable boost. I declare it officially spiffy!

It's a stark contrast to Black Mage at 80 which isn't much different than Black Mage at 75. Granted, I haven't gotten much in the way of new post-75 gear for either job, but INT+2 & Mana Wall versus all those things previously mentioned for clearly won out over the other in terms of extra awesome.

Black Mage's biggest boon from 80 is that the extra Enfeebling Magic skill means you can enfeeble just about anything in existing content that you're going to be able to. An uber pimped Black Mage 80 (I'm not one) can now get about the same skill as a pimped Red Mage 75.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Finished at last!
Well, for now anyway.
And I had a bit of fun killing this before leaving SSG (for good!) too. He's easy as MNK80/DNC40. ~9k gil and a Rare/Ex spear I promptly tossed.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who the #@%& farms Sea Monks?

I'm on my last 350x proc on Sea Monk Magian Trial. There's three places in the whole of Vanadiel I can do this. One is Arrapago Reef, so it doesn't count. The other two are outside of Charby's room in SSG or on the 55-59 ones in Onzozo. There's 17 pops in the latter, so easy choice, right?

Well, I went to SSG first anyway. And there's a Samurai there soloing the Sea Monks. He's doing a Store TP+5 GK for some reason. To his credit, he did at least need to WS on Aquans, but why in the bottom of SSG? Why Sea Monks?

So I leave and go to Onzozo. And there's people here soloing the fucking things. They give ~30 EXP. Sure you can NPC the skins, but why the fuck would you walk all the way out here to do it? Spiders outside Whitegate drop webs which you can toss right on the AH for better gil/hr.


So, yes, instead of complaining about Weather requirement trials I'm complaining that Cerberus is retarded.

Monday, July 12, 2010

80 Monk! And a new weapon.

I've been punching the shit out of things on Monk for the past few days. I dinged 80 finally!
I also grinded out three trials yesterday and 40% of one today.
Which netted me an OKish H2H weapon. So I started a proc x250 on Lizards trial. I switched to MNK80/BLM40 to do something I've never done in FFXI before:
D2 myself as Monk!

I headed to Cape Terrigan. Which was overcrowded as fuck. So I went into Kuftal Tunnel. Which was also overcrowded as fuck with a Relic DRK doing his kill Lizard's Scythe trial.
And got raped in my ass by Guivre. It turns out he's level 80ish because I got Evasion skill ups. :-P

I had popped a Hi-Reraiser as I knew death was imminent and RR'd and Warped afterwards.

So I went to Den of Rancor to solo Tormentors. I finished 101/250 procs I needed in a whole lot less time than it took yesterday to get 250 procs on Cockatrice. I'm hoping to finish that later tonight/tomorrow. This trial only adds DMG+1 to my weapon, sadly.

The one after adds DMG+3 and another Impairs Evasion+5 to a total of DMG+23 Delay+66 and Impairs Evasion+15, respectively. I need to proc x350 on Sea Monks to finish it. I guess I'm headed to Sea Serpent Grotto for that one.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Of Lulz and Magians.

I was working on my neverending quest to kill 50 Goobbues during light elemental aligned weather. Some LS people were in Sea screwing around with Euvhi for some reason. And I got some more Guard skill!
Nah, what's funny about that is this little bit:
I can sense when someone somewhere in Lumoria is epically pwned by a Vertical Cleave. It doesn't even have to happen on Cerberus. Somebody on Lakshmi getting a Black Card just got pwned right now. It's like a seventh sense. Don't ask what my sixth one is.

Anyway, I logged back on tonight. Dynamis was cancelled, so I checked weather in Boyahda Tree and it was all sunshine. So I went to Pashow [S].
And I finished the last 9 Goobbues in the two longest thunderstorms ever there! Yay!

I decided to celebrate by blowing all the gil I made slaughtering Goobbues and finally buy the two new Black Mage spells.
Which I did.
And I can now choose not to use them instead of being unable to.

I also realized it was Windsday, so I ran to Ru'Lude Gardens and started my next kill 50 mobs on Windsday.
I did a /say of {Team Up?} and joined a JP THF working on a kill stuff on Windsday Dagger. So I need to kill 33 or so more of anything on Windsday/weather and I'm finished that trial. After that, I need to kill 75 Saplings in the same. That may be somewhat annoying.

Beyond that the trials are all "proc the added effect" which I can do whenever I choose. I could get PUP a level or two doing it possibly.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Magian Happenings.

I've been working on my Monk weapon. I finished the 'kill 50 Skeletons under Ice weather' thing. You'd think that would be easy since there's Easy Prey Skeletons in Ule. Range which always has Ice weather. Except for hours at a time when you're not trying to get into ENM and instead want it to be blizzard conditions.
Ugh. But I finally finished it.

Now I'm on to 'light elements weahter and kill 50 Goobbues.'
Which is also shit slow, but at least it pays well.
Yay, monies!

I'm still not 100% sure which path I want to upgrade though. Either this:
Or this:
The first is just a straight up DD boon. Presumably future upgrades will mean more STR/Attack and higher DMG+. The trials to upgrade it are killing things on Firesday/Weather. Including a bunch of Bombs which means standing around Ifrit's Cauldron for hours and maybe getting killed by Self-Destruct a couple times.

The second would be more of a boosting the entire groups' performance sort of thing. But there's two issues with it. First, is the "Impairs Evasion" ice elemental or neutral like DNC Steps? Other than that, the Delay+5 is potentially troubling. Are these going to end up with higher DMG+ and Delay+ come the next update? I hate high delay H2H weapons. The trials are easier than the STR/Attack weapons. Just proc the added effect on something that gives EXP.

And I also kind of want to get the level 80 DMG+20 Delay+60 Store TP+8 weapon. That one's a straightforward 'Use WS a lot' series of quests. I need to hit 80 first though, so that I can equip the thing. Hopefully, a future quest will either add more Store TP or maybe even Haste.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lotsa Stuff. Black Mage solo spots. (What I've been doing the past week or so, mostly.)

Replenishing From Merit Partying

After an epic merit party on Ahriman mobs, I had to do some replenishing of my stuff. Food, shihei, Sneak/Invis tools. And, of course, make those Ex Ahriman Lenses into Prism Powder.
Such is the exhiliarating life of the crafter.

Monk Leveling!

Mostly by Fields of Valor in Sky.
We Hundred Fists when we ding! :-P

Also, with 300% TP, STR/VIT WS gear, and Footwork...
Tornado Kick can hurt Decent Challenge mobs. Dunno if Double Attack proc'd on it or not.

Black Mage Soloing (Or: Where are the non-sucky VT-ITs to 80 at?)

I've been looking for good Black Mage solo EXP spot at level 80. Solo obviously means no Level Sync (I don't have a second account). Unfortunately, pretty much every existing area pre-update is shit now. I've been reading through the forums, checking mob levels on the Wiki, and exploring to find alternate spots.
Grauberg [S] has Wyverns in the western central (Skyrend) part of its map. Unfortunately, they're ~80-83, hit like trucks, run at flee speed, and you need to be a pimped out Black Mage to drop one in four Tier IV nukes.

Duo or trio here around 77 would probably be good. At 80 it's a waste of time.
Sky has Aura Statues. They're T-VT at 80. They've got enhanced movement speed, aggro magic, hit hard, and are resistant to enfeebles. If Ulli's room is empty it's not bad. I'd suggest bringing Reraise though as some bad luck will have you eating cermet.

There's also three spawns by the Celestial Nexus, but that camp kind of sucks.
Previously, seeing three Firedrakes in your face in Riverne #A01 would be a bit...troubling. Now, you can -ga3 farm up Giant Scales in seconds with impunity.

At G-8/9 there's some Damselflies called Darners. They're T-VT. They are kind of crappy EXP fodder though solo. They've got too much HP to chain easily. Plus it's a long fucking walk to get there and you need a Giant Scale (which is annoying although easy).
Ah...Abyssea. It's very red. Like sunset, except Square-Enix tells is RED = EVIL. Or something. Apparently, the story only makes sense if you've finished WotG Quests/Missions. I haven't, so I have only a faint idea of what the fucks going on.
I know better than to screw around with bunnies, though! ;-)
Enter: The Promised Land. The central eastern edge of Abyssea - La Theine is covered in VT-IT at level 80 worms. They link but don't aggro. Or at least don't until you've killed lots of Abyssean mobs and then stuff starts aggroing.

Or something, it doesn't make much sense.

I didn't have any cast Bind on me, but I wasn't moving, if that matters. They didn't use Stone V while I was there, but may be able to. With Barstone up I seemed to get 50% resists on their nukes. This would make a great Manaburn spot.
You'll probably want to leave this one alone. (It apparently takes crap damage from magic.)

Dynamis - Valkurm...Ick.

My first post update event sort of thing! We didn't have many people, so we didn't go for a clear. It went kind of crappy.
Bad pull.
We were basically out of time so I went to pose for a picture. :-P
And some drops at the very end. I kind of hate Valk and nothing I'm even vaguely interested in dropping there probably doesn't help.


It's still a generally bad job subjob combination, but this is pretty awesome if completely impractical.