Monday, July 12, 2010

80 Monk! And a new weapon.

I've been punching the shit out of things on Monk for the past few days. I dinged 80 finally!
I also grinded out three trials yesterday and 40% of one today.
Which netted me an OKish H2H weapon. So I started a proc x250 on Lizards trial. I switched to MNK80/BLM40 to do something I've never done in FFXI before:
D2 myself as Monk!

I headed to Cape Terrigan. Which was overcrowded as fuck. So I went into Kuftal Tunnel. Which was also overcrowded as fuck with a Relic DRK doing his kill Lizard's Scythe trial.
And got raped in my ass by Guivre. It turns out he's level 80ish because I got Evasion skill ups. :-P

I had popped a Hi-Reraiser as I knew death was imminent and RR'd and Warped afterwards.

So I went to Den of Rancor to solo Tormentors. I finished 101/250 procs I needed in a whole lot less time than it took yesterday to get 250 procs on Cockatrice. I'm hoping to finish that later tonight/tomorrow. This trial only adds DMG+1 to my weapon, sadly.

The one after adds DMG+3 and another Impairs Evasion+5 to a total of DMG+23 Delay+66 and Impairs Evasion+15, respectively. I need to proc x350 on Sea Monks to finish it. I guess I'm headed to Sea Serpent Grotto for that one.

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