Sunday, July 25, 2010

Abyssean EXP: So good "only" getting 10.9 merits a go seems like a waste.

The day started out like any other. I logged in to FFXI and tried to do something I'd decided on before logging in: Get some of that crazy awesome Abyssean EXP I keep hearing about.
And I stood around for quite a while. I had a "Traverser Stone x3 {Experience Points} {Yes, please.}" /seacom set as SCH76/RDM38. And nobody was inviting me. I did get a /tell for Misereaux Coast (I'm not looking up how to actually spell it) EXP, but as Ringthree explains you really shouldn't be EXPing anymore.

Plus, I'm sort of lazy. A six man party with a Scholar makes me Haste-less Cure Bitch. I didn't respond because if I had it would have been to ask if there was a Bard/Corsair/something to make the EXP not retardedly slow, but didn't because I'm deeply cynical and knew there wouldn't be. It would be like peeing on an electric fence to find out if my penis were magically immune to electricity. I assume it isn't and don't really care to learn otherwise. If I miss out on the sublime joy of electrical socket sodomy as a result, so be it.

But I'm getting away from the point. I eventually got an invite to an Abyssea-La Theine group.
I immediately accepted and hauled ass to the Cavernous Maw.

It's kind of funny because with huge level 75+ pickup groups you see tons of names you recognize from various occassions over the years in these groups. I wouldn't join /shout Dynamis runs (or whatever), but Abyssean EXP works pretty well with a group of random people. The only hitch seems to be getting melees to not kill with WS.

The run was already underway, so I just tried to follow the lead and mostly healed people with a Drain once in a while. A chest dropped and I /randomed the highest and got this:
There are -2% ones too, but I didn't win /random on one.

A few Cures later and this happened:
And there was much rejoicing!

Even fewer Cures later, thanks to Abyssean EXP's snowballing nature, and this:
And there was much rejoicing! Or so I thought. I'm pretty sure at least one of the people there had a "congrats" macro. lol.

And after the least Cures yet...
80 Scholar!

...Which makes my MAB+4 M.acc+4 Royal Redingote fucking useless due to the fact I've got an assload of Cruor and bought an MAB+6 Teal body off the AH. So I need to repeat the one retarded "mini-expansion" I actually completed again.

But the spice must flow, so I continued spamming Cures a while longer and capped Scholar entirely.
Now I was in merit mode for the first time in a while.

I had only been meriting/post-75 EXPing in LS/friend's groups, and I had held on to six merit points because I was pretty sure that they'd be used in the level 80 cap quest. Three were used by that quest, so I was at 3/10 merits already.
And I very quickly found myself at 10/10 merits and 9,999 EXP. I saved up 9 merits before to do INT, but it took forever to save them up. If you get a good Abyssea group you could cap out a single job entirely in an afternoon or evening on it as opposed to weeks or months soloing/meriting. There's really no reason not to cap out any job you care about with Square-Enix giving us 60k EXP/hr 18 man groups.

I got a D2 and cashed a bunch in.
My PUP is now loaded with JAs/JTs. I'm thinking I'll actually cap out PUP merits.
I returned to Aby-LT and got all the key items possible. Most are listed under temporary key items, so I assume the Abbysite can shatter or something when you get their effects. I've still got more Cruor than I know what to do with in any case.

At one point I timed it and we were doing 60k/hr. This was towards the end before I warped to spend merits, so I was getting ~550 EXP every few seconds. I ended up getting ~300,000 EXP. It seems like a waste to go on a level 80 job for "just" 11 merit points. Like a lot of people I had thought getting multiple 75s to 80 was going to be an impossibly daunting task, but it's possible to get a job to 80 and capped for 81 in less time than people spend getting a job to level 10.

Now I need to write PUP macros for my PC and get that to 80.

NIN too...despite having no idea what NIN's Raison d'ĂȘtre is anymore. Maybe NIN80/WHM40 and solo some Campaign NMs? Meh.


  1. You should invite me to party. ; ;

    5,000,000 exp {Can I have it?}

  2. You weren't on at the time I don't think? I've got like 5 stones saved up and need to go again. D: