Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anybody on Cerberus doing Abyssea?

I was wondering with the update what the fuck Square-Enix was smoking. 45,000+ EXP per level to get to take jobs to 99? More than that, of course, but rounding sharply down that's ~1,080,000 EXP per job. Trying to solo that as Black Mage or Scholar or Puppetmaster (see the side panel of my wasn't encouraging)...that's just an unfathomabley huge timesink. And this for for a game that's one big unfathomable timesink.

It turns out that Abyssea is crazy awesome EXP though. And you get the great EXP by having Black Mages and a full alliance of any job in the game. So problem solved, basically. Now you just need to actually get a group together to do it. I figured it's the middle of the day Sunday, so there's got to be lots of Mission shouts, Abyssea EXP group shouts, or at least something besides retards and Spell/Wild Card Request shouts, right?
Of course fucking not. Shocking, I know right?

So that brings me to my point: Is anybody on Cerberus doing this with a group (and one spot free) on a regular basis? If so please leave a comment or /tell me in-game. I'm very interested.

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  1. Me. Me. Freaking Me!!

    I definitely want to do some Abyssea, but you're never on when I finally do get into a group. >.<

    Make sure you aren't invisible so I can actually find you on my Friend List.