Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in.

So I've been doing some Magian Trials lately. Mostly, for Monk (and *whisper* PUP) because you really can't keep up as a DD job using the same shitty weapon indefinitely. Not that Destroyers are horrible weapons or that I've dropped mine since finishing level 80 Taipan Claws. Or that I'm even sure why I'm working on some level 80 Barracudas. It's just when you're doing horrible things to a mob in a hands on manner weapons really matter.

It seems less so with the mostly Hindu deity named level 80 staves though. Sure, Indra's Staff will make your Thunder spells kick more ass than that Roman bitch Jupiter's staff ever would, but does it really matter? If you're nuking Notorious Monsters whoever's spell goes off first usually wins the damage battle unless the other person sucks. (Which itself also usually doesn't really matter.) So there's a lot less impetus to get a new weapon as a mage than as a melee I think. (There's also no high DMG OAT type thing with the new Magian Staves.)

So I looked at the Staff trials, saw "Kill 50 ##@$&(* in !@#@(*& Weather..." and thought, "FUCK NO!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!" after doing a kill 50 Goobbues with light-aligned element weather. Which consisted of TBH and Pashow [S] as my two non-Level Synced options. The former barely had Thunder weather in the game season I was trying to do this the latter had Thunder weather frequently, but holding all the Goobbues in the zone at 1% HP with an Ally of BLMs ready to destroy them with -ga3s and you'd be lucky for the spells to go off before the weather ended. I'd Hundred Fists and kill two if I was lucky. My record kills per weather event was 5 when all was said and done.

But then I was talking with a few people in LS and /tells and the stave trials didn't sound so bad. Sure, they'll take a while, but you get a bigger damage boost from them (or Cure potency/Macc boost) than you will from damn near anything else introduced to the game lately. Of course, I have to at least try this.

Then I saw on BG something pretty interesting...the popular Grauberg [S] spot for the first trial is on EP mobs. So naturally Summoner's level 70 BPs destroy them!
And I have to say it's a terrible idea. The title of this post is a Godfather quote and it relates to my thinking "Fuck Summoner" followed (a long time after) by "Summoner's Useful!?!" Which is now, like the BP Gulf Oil Rig thingy from two months ago should be, drowned in fucking cement unable to ever spew forth such nasty shit ever again.

Do not bring Summoner to slaughter Easy Prey mobs. It's fucking tedious and slow. Black Mage soloing Easy Prey mobs is slow because you /heal most of the time, but at least it's not fucking tedious.
So I came back Black Mage and ended up teaming up with a few other BLMs & RDMs. Things were going well, so I came back after finishing my first Staff trial and started up the second staff's trial.
I got about half of the second done before logging for the night. I don't think I'm going to do more than two staves, so that puts me at the 75% mark. Which isn't bad for a few hours total.

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