Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lotsa Stuff. Black Mage solo spots. (What I've been doing the past week or so, mostly.)

Replenishing From Merit Partying

After an epic merit party on Ahriman mobs, I had to do some replenishing of my stuff. Food, shihei, Sneak/Invis tools. And, of course, make those Ex Ahriman Lenses into Prism Powder.
Such is the exhiliarating life of the crafter.

Monk Leveling!

Mostly by Fields of Valor in Sky.
We Hundred Fists when we ding! :-P

Also, with 300% TP, STR/VIT WS gear, and Footwork...
Tornado Kick can hurt Decent Challenge mobs. Dunno if Double Attack proc'd on it or not.

Black Mage Soloing (Or: Where are the non-sucky VT-ITs to 80 at?)

I've been looking for good Black Mage solo EXP spot at level 80. Solo obviously means no Level Sync (I don't have a second account). Unfortunately, pretty much every existing area pre-update is shit now. I've been reading through the forums, checking mob levels on the Wiki, and exploring to find alternate spots.
Grauberg [S] has Wyverns in the western central (Skyrend) part of its map. Unfortunately, they're ~80-83, hit like trucks, run at flee speed, and you need to be a pimped out Black Mage to drop one in four Tier IV nukes.

Duo or trio here around 77 would probably be good. At 80 it's a waste of time.
Sky has Aura Statues. They're T-VT at 80. They've got enhanced movement speed, aggro magic, hit hard, and are resistant to enfeebles. If Ulli's room is empty it's not bad. I'd suggest bringing Reraise though as some bad luck will have you eating cermet.

There's also three spawns by the Celestial Nexus, but that camp kind of sucks.
Previously, seeing three Firedrakes in your face in Riverne #A01 would be a bit...troubling. Now, you can -ga3 farm up Giant Scales in seconds with impunity.

At G-8/9 there's some Damselflies called Darners. They're T-VT. They are kind of crappy EXP fodder though solo. They've got too much HP to chain easily. Plus it's a long fucking walk to get there and you need a Giant Scale (which is annoying although easy).
Ah...Abyssea. It's very red. Like sunset, except Square-Enix tells is RED = EVIL. Or something. Apparently, the story only makes sense if you've finished WotG Quests/Missions. I haven't, so I have only a faint idea of what the fucks going on.
I know better than to screw around with bunnies, though! ;-)
Enter: The Promised Land. The central eastern edge of Abyssea - La Theine is covered in VT-IT at level 80 worms. They link but don't aggro. Or at least don't until you've killed lots of Abyssean mobs and then stuff starts aggroing.

Or something, it doesn't make much sense.

I didn't have any cast Bind on me, but I wasn't moving, if that matters. They didn't use Stone V while I was there, but may be able to. With Barstone up I seemed to get 50% resists on their nukes. This would make a great Manaburn spot.
You'll probably want to leave this one alone. (It apparently takes crap damage from magic.)

Dynamis - Valkurm...Ick.

My first post update event sort of thing! We didn't have many people, so we didn't go for a clear. It went kind of crappy.
Bad pull.
We were basically out of time so I went to pose for a picture. :-P
And some drops at the very end. I kind of hate Valk and nothing I'm even vaguely interested in dropping there probably doesn't help.


It's still a generally bad job subjob combination, but this is pretty awesome if completely impractical.


  1. Bah, to hell with the bunnies! Just wait until I can actually find a group to go in there again. I want to turn them all into rabbit stew.

    Damn rabbits.

  2. In the north of Abyssea Konschtat there are VT to level 76 Puddings...