Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Magian Happenings.

I've been working on my Monk weapon. I finished the 'kill 50 Skeletons under Ice weather' thing. You'd think that would be easy since there's Easy Prey Skeletons in Ule. Range which always has Ice weather. Except for hours at a time when you're not trying to get into ENM and instead want it to be blizzard conditions.
Ugh. But I finally finished it.

Now I'm on to 'light elements weahter and kill 50 Goobbues.'
Which is also shit slow, but at least it pays well.
Yay, monies!

I'm still not 100% sure which path I want to upgrade though. Either this:
Or this:
The first is just a straight up DD boon. Presumably future upgrades will mean more STR/Attack and higher DMG+. The trials to upgrade it are killing things on Firesday/Weather. Including a bunch of Bombs which means standing around Ifrit's Cauldron for hours and maybe getting killed by Self-Destruct a couple times.

The second would be more of a boosting the entire groups' performance sort of thing. But there's two issues with it. First, is the "Impairs Evasion" ice elemental or neutral like DNC Steps? Other than that, the Delay+5 is potentially troubling. Are these going to end up with higher DMG+ and Delay+ come the next update? I hate high delay H2H weapons. The trials are easier than the STR/Attack weapons. Just proc the added effect on something that gives EXP.

And I also kind of want to get the level 80 DMG+20 Delay+60 Store TP+8 weapon. That one's a straightforward 'Use WS a lot' series of quests. I need to hit 80 first though, so that I can equip the thing. Hopefully, a future quest will either add more Store TP or maybe even Haste.

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