Friday, July 9, 2010

Of Lulz and Magians.

I was working on my neverending quest to kill 50 Goobbues during light elemental aligned weather. Some LS people were in Sea screwing around with Euvhi for some reason. And I got some more Guard skill!
Nah, what's funny about that is this little bit:
I can sense when someone somewhere in Lumoria is epically pwned by a Vertical Cleave. It doesn't even have to happen on Cerberus. Somebody on Lakshmi getting a Black Card just got pwned right now. It's like a seventh sense. Don't ask what my sixth one is.

Anyway, I logged back on tonight. Dynamis was cancelled, so I checked weather in Boyahda Tree and it was all sunshine. So I went to Pashow [S].
And I finished the last 9 Goobbues in the two longest thunderstorms ever there! Yay!

I decided to celebrate by blowing all the gil I made slaughtering Goobbues and finally buy the two new Black Mage spells.
Which I did.
And I can now choose not to use them instead of being unable to.

I also realized it was Windsday, so I ran to Ru'Lude Gardens and started my next kill 50 mobs on Windsday.
I did a /say of {Team Up?} and joined a JP THF working on a kill stuff on Windsday Dagger. So I need to kill 33 or so more of anything on Windsday/weather and I'm finished that trial. After that, I need to kill 75 Saplings in the same. That may be somewhat annoying.

Beyond that the trials are all "proc the added effect" which I can do whenever I choose. I could get PUP a level or two doing it possibly.

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