Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Update #213

I decided to get in some quick Campaign Ops before Dynamis yesterday. I switched to BLM/THF Retrace+Flee, switch to WAR43/NIN22, and see this startling news:
Brim has been hacked! Someone jacked his shit and decided to get to 76 three weeks after the update! ;-P
And then they made him attack several Campaign mobs w/o Allied Tags!
And then I got my Warrior to 44! Yay me!

Having burned my Campaign Ops tags, I went to try and cap Hand-to-Hand and Evasion on Monk.
Which went pretty well, I got both to their ~79 caps.

Then it was time for Dynamis-Buburimu.
We killed the usual NMs and then found and fought the Mega Boss.
And we killed it.

Then it was time for some farming!
I think it went well!

Aside from wiping to at least 8,999 Scorpions on a bad pull, the run went fairly well. We did crabs, crawlers, and another mob type or two. Unfortunately, only a Warrior's Stone dropped. I think we had a new person who needed the clear, so there's that too I guess.

Update: Monk 80 in Dynamis

Something I forgot to mention that I think is worth talking about is how much stronger Monk feels at 80 in Dynamis. The mix of less level difference penalty, 20+ extra Combat skill levels, and Perfect Counter (replacing Counterstance for Ichi recasting) provides a pretty noticeable boost. I declare it officially spiffy!

It's a stark contrast to Black Mage at 80 which isn't much different than Black Mage at 75. Granted, I haven't gotten much in the way of new post-75 gear for either job, but INT+2 & Mana Wall versus all those things previously mentioned for clearly won out over the other in terms of extra awesome.

Black Mage's biggest boon from 80 is that the extra Enfeebling Magic skill means you can enfeeble just about anything in existing content that you're going to be able to. An uber pimped Black Mage 80 (I'm not one) can now get about the same skill as a pimped Red Mage 75.

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